Curmudgeons, Evolutionary Economics, Dixieland Jazz & Beer Drinking


Curmudgeonjohn p birchall ... student, saxophonist ... general whippersnapper &  twerp ...

... and intrepid beer drinker

Perhaps the Chancellor of the Exchequer would call us 'squeaking pips'?

Here are some of the snippets we've over heard along the way ... some grist for the mill -

- the way the cookie crumbles -

life's a sod, then you die 

messy thriving interconnected whole shebang & caboodle

mysterious gardens of forking paths   

Bishops, Princes, Generals & bureaucrats have no privileged access to know how

croc of gold wasn't at the end of the rainbow, it was underneath the soap pans in Apapa 

test against the rigours of reality

copy, vary, select differential survival of inherited variants
education & compound interest complexity, change, conflict, scarcity
chase profits and cut losses go with the flow 
fail your way to success  parley and get on with the job
it is geese that lay golden eggs not turkeys why stimulate turkeys?
 he would say that, wouldn't he  hard work, honesty & thrift
tort, trade & technology short necked giraffes died out 
if you don't the Chinese will evidence doesn't cease to exist just because you ignore it 
brilliant intelligence produces brilliant ideas
but nobody knows which ideas are brilliant
we are ignorant of what it is we don't know
last time I checked it was a tad more complicated than that  hark; think about it
tax & spend & print double whammies
lethal debt the elephant in the room  girls always decide

a speck of dust at the other end of the universe

a tiny little person on a planet in a universe expanding and immense

- stick to the knitting -

hard work. honesty & thrift

the harder I practice the luckier I get

vote with your feet & join a club of your choice 

furrowed brows don't help the glass is half full  

take your choice

open for business  

get your shovel out of our store 

ostracism confronts bad behaviour

power corrupts

imposition impoverishes, alienates & antagonises 

wake up & smell the coffee 

look into the telescope 


think the unthinkable  

play the ball not the man, he's not here to defend himself 

play the hand you're dealt 

when you're in a hole, stop digging 

analysis paralysis 

more equals less 

myth, magic & mirrors 

folly & fallacy  

prancers & soothsayers at a rain dance

I'm from the council, I'm here to help  

don't vote it will only encourage them  

don't trust politicos with the keys to the NHS, change the locks  

Curmudgeon- 2+2=5 -

cooperative synergies of specialisation & scale 

torts, trade & technology

- opportunity costs - "guns or butter"

- moral hazard - "if its free put me down for two please" - "state sponsored moral decay"

- adverse selection - "would you buy a second hand car from this man"

- supply & demand - "gluts & queues"

- comparative advantage - "pin factories and what's your trade"   

- total factor productivity - "know how"

- due diligence & caveat emptor - "there's no free lunch"  -  "as soon as there are stocks there are parasites & predators"

- Liberal Democracy - "free to choose, without harm to others, caveat 30 " 

51% screw 49% winners take all

vote with your feet & join a club of your choice

there are two sides to every deal  

keep it simple, stupid 

it's a bubble 

pump priming re-inflates the bubble 

who pays? 

what tickles your fancy  

it's in the post

who decides when the Doctors disagree? 

who guards the guardians? 

profit is not a cost, who pays the bills? 

bankruptcy is creative destruction  

if the left's not right, the right has nothing left 

join a different club 

try the Co-op

English empirical science not Descartes before de horse    

Jazz - make the sky open up - G7 to C -

no one said it was easy  

practice, practice, practice  

practice makes perfect mistakes 

if it don't sound right, it ain't right 

they all go the same old way 

I told him what to do but he said he wanted to discuss it


And I love wikipedia !

In 2000 after my struggles & studies at the Open University I found some words which helped to define my inclination for 'Evolutionary Economics' -

'Evolutionary Economics analyses the unleashing of a process of technological & institutional innovation by generating & testing a diversity of ideas which discover & accumulate more survival value for the costs incurred than competing alternatives.
The evidence suggests that it could be adaptive efficiency that defines economic efficiency'.

Complex Adaptive Systems = Thermodynamics - Emergence Non-Linear Feedback - Computer Simulation - Molecular Biology - Neuroscience - Evolutionary Psychology - Economic Anthropology - Game Theory - Biological History.

And I love Beer Drinking - an autobiography of beer drinking


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