The Clockwork Rabbit


Clockwork RabbitA bedtime story?

One day ‘Clockwork Rabbit’ and ‘Peppermint Mouse’ were playing bash ball in the fields when their bright new ball flew right into the middle of a thick thorny thorn thicket.

When they scrambled in to find their lost ball they spied, in the dust, a very dirty little wooden penny.

They came out with the penny and poked it, polished it and then inspected it.

‘Aha, quick’ said Peppermint Mouse, ‘now we can buy a sticky bun!’

‘Whoa, slow’ said Clockwork Rabbit, ‘... let's plant it!’

So they dug deep and damp and planted the penny, and they weeded the weeds and watered when the weather didn’t and treated their little patch with Tender Loving Care.

Cmpound InterestAnd in the Spring the sprigs sprouted and then the buds burst and in the Summer the blossoms blossomed and later the fruits fruited and by the Autumn the tree was laden with lots of little wooden pennies.

So they gathered them all up ... and thought a little ...

Then they went to the baker and bought two sticky buns, and they bought sticky buns for all their friends as well ... and they still had some pennies left over to plant for next year …

... and that only goes to show that with a modicum of luck, if you resist temptation and apply tender loving care money does grow on trees after all !!


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