Malcolm Brewis Remembers

Ist XI 1956/7

(1956/7 with Malcolm in the photo were Milroy, Guthrie, Fleming, Birchall, Donaghy, Pattison, Reidford, Hindley, Foulkes, Dawbarn, Roberts & Underwood).


In 2015 we tracked down Malcolm Brewis who had retired from Taunton Cider and the brewing industry and was ensconced in Rhydfryn, Anglesey.

Malcolm Brewis' cricket capMalcolm's memories were resuscitated by his splendid collection of ancient photographs ... and a antiquated cricket cap which was immediately authenticated by the clearly visible beer stains ...

MSB suggested this treasure was a 'Crossbatters' cap ... however on reflection we believed this was a King's School cap introduced by TCPG and awarded to likely contributors with bat or ball ... the KSCC was the give away?

 The caps didn't help to solve three mystery photos. Where, when and which? MSB suggested -

mystery 1 - MSB leading out the King's 1st XI v. Shrewsbury Priory during the 1957 cricket tour? Left to right - Charlie Pritchard, Ian Speechley, John Reidford, Keith Patterson, john p, MSB, Graeme Guthrie, John Fleming, Brian Dawbarn? Yes, to the 1957 tour; but we didn't play Shrewsbury Priory on the 1957 tour ?

mystery 2 - MSB walking back to the pavilion during the same match with Pat Garnett umpiring in the background? The chaps look too young for a Crossbatters match and we can't remember TCPG umpiring Crossbatters matches.  Yes, to the 1957 tour.

mystery 3 - with caps in place we believed this photo was at Ellesmere College 1956? Barnaby Lathom-Sharp was not in the side in 1955. Mike & Bill left after the 1956 season? Where was MBS ... taking the photo he was the only one with a camera!

Left to right Brian Dawbarn, John Fleming, john p, Graeme Guthrie, John Reidford, Barnaby Lathom-Sharp, Bill Willetts, Mike Burdekin? 

More priceless photos from the Brewis collection ... possibly in chronological order?

1948/49 1st XI  - soccer Arnold House?

Mike Thornton, ?? Baxendale, Martin Wheeler, J M Forstel, ?? Chisholm, Pete Cottrell, Billy Bouch, ?? Dean, Ian Speechley, Les Slawson, MSB, Mickey Roberts, Brian Dawbarn.

1950 under 12 XI - cricket?

coaches Tom Clamp, John Hudson, back row - ? Baxendale, Martin Roberts, Bill Bouch, Forster, MSB, middle row - ? Chisholm. Mickey Roberts, Brian Stanyer, Martin Wheeler, front row - Brian Dawbarn, Graeme Guthrie.

1952 under 14 XI - cricket? Yes our copy says U14s on the back!

This photo has always puzzled, can anyone identify what team it was and who we were playing? MSB always thought it was the under13 XI from 1951 against the Fathers XI. But in the Fathers XI was the formidable quartet of the seniors Guthrie, Birchall, Reidford and Burdekin BUT Mike B & John R are not in the photo? Therefore probably the photo was of under13 XI in 1951 and the under14 XI against the Fathers was 1952 with no known photo?

MSBs recollection of the Fathers match was that the boys were given 4 runs for each run scored and we still lost?

1951/2 upper third form -  Johnny Walsh's annual photo?

back row - Bouch, Cottrell, Nicholls, Brownie, Mills, Deakin, ????, next row - Barton, Baxendale, G A Williams, Fleming, MSB, Lane, Johnny Walsh, next row - Cotgreave, Abbott, Beatty, Dawbarn, Willetts, Swash, Coffee, front row - Roberts, Patterson, Raw, ????, Jackson.

1952/3 under 15 XI - soccer - The Laybourne Cup winners.

1952/3 under 15 XI - soccer - The Laybourne Cup winners with coaches.

coaches at the back – Mr Roberts who was not with us for long, Sergeant Major Tom Clamp, by repute one of the last soldiers off the beach at Dunkirk - back row – Martin Davies, Martin Roberts, Brian Underwood, Bugsey Ward - front row – Tom Bateman, Bill Willetts, Les Slawson, MSB, Martin Astill, Teddy Egan, John Fleming.

First XI Colours1955 1stXI v Masters XI - cricket?

back row - Tom Clamp, Pat Garnett, Graeme Guthrie, Brian Dawbarn, jpb, Barnaby Lathom-Sharp, Mike Burdekin, Mike Gledhill, John Reidford, Bill Willetts, Doggie Lysons, middle row - John Fleming, Martin Roberts, MSB, front row ????, ????, John Hudson, Atty Owen, Jack Hetherington, Jammy Marsh, Fred Spruce (Lache Lane groundsman), G R Tolliday?

Did we win? Probable as they would have been no match for the spin of Mike Burdekin and the speed & flight of John Reidford.

According to the school magazine we won by 33 runs - School 122-8 Masters 89 (Reidford 3-6).

1955 1st XI - cricket v. Wolverhampton Grammar School?

Brian Male and Martin Wheeler go out to bat. Soon to return no doubt to the pavilion; all out 26 (Grout 6-7). School lost by 65 runs.

Malcolm Brewis

1955/6 1st XI - soccer?

back row - D J Williams, John Reidford, Pete Cottrell, John Fleming, Martin Roberts, John Evetts, Mickey Roberts, front row - Dave Hindley, Irv Foulkes, MSB, Brian Dawbarn, Bill Willetts.












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