Ann Wibberley (1793-)


caution !! ... this is an initial draft of a story about our great grandfather ... there are many omissions and inaccuracies ... but it is only a 'story' to pass on to our great grandchildren ... perhaps they will correct all the errors ... ? 


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Enter the Wibberleys  

Joseph Jackson (1786-) - Norman's Great Granddad -
married Ann Wibberley (1793-) 8 Oct 1814 ... witnesses John & Alice Wibberley - uncle & aunt? ... cousins? ...

Ann Wibberley (1793-) daughter of Robert, baptised ? from the Derbyshire Dales District.

 Robert Wibberley (1767-1815) son of John & Mary baptised ??
married Ann Bate (1768–1800) in 1791 - married Sarah Stokes (1772–1846) in 1804
burial 3 Mar 1815 aged 47/48, St Martin Churchyard, Osmaston, Derbyshire Dales District, Derbyshire - Memorial ID 210540725 

Ann Wibberley's granddad was Robert Wibberley (1767-1815) from the Derbyshire Dales District.

 John Wibberley (1732–1815) married Mary Buxton (1735–1813)

John & Mary's children -

John Wibberley (1760–1850) - Joseph Wibberley (1767–1846) - Mary Wibberley (1770–1837) - Isaac Wibberley (1776–1842) - Alice Wibberley Tomlinson (1791–1845)

 Frank Gray stumbled across our Jackson/Wibberley connection. It was of interest as he believed we were distantly related. Frank Gray's mother was a Wibberley (-), daughter of Charles Percival Wibberley (1909 - 1978) son of Charles William Minors (-) & Rosa Chambers (-). John Wibberley (1733 - 1815) & his wife Mary Buxton (1735 - 1813) being the shared link between the Jackson/Wibberley family & my Wibberley family. 

Charles WibberleyMy grandfather Charles Wibberley emigrated to Australia in the early 1920’s so I believe. His father died when he was young & his mother Rosa remarried & apparently my grandfather never had a satisfactory relationship with his new step dad, hence Australia. I know it sounds sketchy but that is all I or anyone else in the family really knew.
He was a remarkable man, after meeting in Sydney & marrying my grandmother Rachel Atherton, WWII broke out, he enlisted in the Australian army 8th division, captured by the Japanese & was one of the longest held POW’s on the infamous Burma Railroad prison. Daily beatings, starvation, etc & once was held by both arms outstretched like a cross & then another Japanese soldier bayoneted him from his pubic bone to almost up to his shoulder. Miraculously he survived, came home 5 stone in weight. He was left partially paralysed left side arm to foot, were a calliper on his lower left leg. Charles & Rachel Wibberley
He worked as a gardener at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, must have suitably impressed as he soon progressed to the administration board.
That’s the short story of Charles Wibberley.

I have attached the index of persons contained in the descendants of Joseph & Ann Jackson.
A little interesting thing is that 3 of my 4 grandparents are all related to one another many times over.
My grandmother, Rachel Atherton is a cousin of sorts to Michael Atherton the former England cricketer & captain. My great grandfather William Atherton bore a very strong resemblance to Michael when younger.

Wibberley John & Mary - erudite details from Frank Gray                           

Wibberley Anne - more Frank Gray detail ... thanks!                       



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