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The Quibells of Newark

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The 1841 census recorded William Quibell (1806-83), a Farmer, at Gateford Cottage, Worksop, with his wife Ann Oliver (-) and sons William (1833-97), Joseph (1838-) and a new born James (1839-).

In 1851 the family were at Newark with a farm of 115 acres, employing 2 labourers. Children; Joseph O (1838-), John O (1842-), Thomas O (1844-1908) and James O (1848-). Also living with them was Ann's widowed mother, Mary Oliver (1777-), Annuitant. William O (1833-97) was an Apprentice with Mr John Harvey, Chemist & Druggist, at Stodman Street, Newark.

In 1861 William (1806-83) had moved to Car Field Farm, Walkerham, Lincolnshire, the family had a 325 acre farm employing 3 labourers. Sons James O (1848-) and John O (1852-) were with them.

William O (1833-97), Chemist & Druggist, was married to Eleanor Boyd Berrie (1838-) and living at Stodman Street, Newark. Three Chemist & Druggist Apprentices were also living there; Samuel Gorden, Henry Barton & Charles Lucas.

Thomas O (1844-1908) ??

In 1871 William (1806-83) was still farming at Brick Yard, Walkeringham. Living there at the time were son James (1848-) and grandsons Oliver (1863-1945) & William Boyd (1868-).

William O (1833-97), Chemist & Druggist, Linseed Cake Merchant & Manufacturer of Chemical Manures, was now at Castle Gate, Newark.

Thomas O (1844-1908), Chemical Manure Manufacturer, had joined his brother and was living at Stodman Street, Newark, with a house keeper, assistants, apprentices & a boarder.

In 1881 William (1806-83), now a Retired Farmer, living with his wife Ann and his Housekeeper sister Elizabeth Quibell at Harcourt Road, Newark.

William O (1833-97), Agricultural Merchant, was at Highfield House Newark, with Eleanor and son William Boyd (1868-). Oliver (1863-1945) was away at The Leys School Cambridge.

Thomas O (1844-1908), Manufacturer of Chemical Manures & Seed Merchant, was at Castlegate employing 25 labourers and 6 clerks. Thomas was now married to Sarah with a son Ernest H (1876-).

In 1891 William O (1833-97) was not found, he did not die until 1897.

Thomas O (1844-1908), Corn Seed & Cake Merchant, was still at Castle Gate with Sarah and Ernest (1876-).

Oliver Quibell (1863-1945), Chemical Manure Manufacturer, had joined the business, was married? and living at Magnus Street Newark.
William Boyd (1868-) ?

 In 1901 Thomas O (1844-1908), Merchant Agricultural, was with Sarah and son Ernest Hall (1876-1926), Merchant Agricultural, who had now joined the business. They were living at North Road The Grove, Balderton.

Oliver Quibell (1863-1945), Chemical Manure Manufacturer, was with Elizabeth at 22 London Road, Newark with sons Samuel Boyd (1891-1916) and Arthur Holmes (1894-). Major Samuel Boyd Quibell's obituary appeared in The Times - Major Sam B Quibell, 4th East Yorkshire Regiment, died of wounds in France on February 5, was the eldest son of Mr & Mrs Oliver Quibell, of Shalem Lodge, Newark.

William Boyd (1868-), Manure & Glue Manufacturer, Dealer in Seeds & Cakes, was married to Emily Catherine, living at The Croft North Road, Balderton with son Edward Boyd (1898-).

In 1911 Oliver Quibell (1863-1945), Manufacturer of Fertibalio Gliss Sheep Dips, was still at London Road with Samuel Boyd (1891-) and new son Oliver Henry (1907-). Arthur Holmes was away at his dad's old school; The Leys, Cambridge.

William Boyd (1868-), Agricultural Merchant, was with Emily Catherine, still living at The Croft North Road, Balderton with son Edward Boyd (1898-).

Ernest Hall (1876-1926), Agricultural Merchant, had married Kate Amelia in 1906 and they had 3 sons Thomas Henry (1908-) and Ernest Philip (1911-) and they were living at London Road, Newark. A third son Noel Oliver (-) was absent? 

Oliver Quibell (1863-1945) and Ernest Hall Quibell (1876-1926) became Directors of BG&C in 1920.



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