William Oldroyd (1820-1902)

Hugh Gorton's long service to Masonry and the Scout movement.

William Oldroyd (1820-1902) was born in Leeds in 1820. He married Mary (1818-) and by 1851 he was keeping cows in Buslingthorpe at Nether Green Row. William & Mary had children -

 Charles (1844-1914), Charles died in 1914.
In 1881 Charles, a Glue Manufacturer, had married Annie Elizabeth (1846-) and they were living at 260 Meanwood Road, Leeds with 3 daughters Louise 91875-), Alice (1876-) & Eveline (1881-) and son Edward Thompson (1878-).
Charles did not appear in the 1891 census but in 1901 he was a Glue Manufacurer at 4 Brandonn Grove, Potter Newton, Leeds. Edward Thompson was at home and had gone into the family business as a Glue Manufacturer. A new son, William Leonard (1887-) had arrived. 
In 1911 Charles & Annie were at Lordswood Hall Lane, Chapeltown Road, Leeds. Both Edward and William were in the business as Glue Manufacturers.

Emily (1847-) & Alice (1849-) . Emily married a Morton and was a widow in 1901.

Joseph Edward (1851-1903), Joseph the second son died in 1903.
In 1881 Joseph Edward, a Glue Manufacturer was married to Julia (1857-) and they were living at 19 Nassau Place, Potter Newton, with daughter Nellie L (1881-).
In 1891 they were at 173 Roundhay Road, Potter Newton. with another daughter Sylvia (1885-).
In 1901 still at Roundhay Road and still a Glue Manufacturer.

By 1861 the family were at Woodhouse Street, Leeds. William was now a Flock Dealer and Charles was a Leather Dyer. There were more children -

Maria (1853-) & Ann E (1857-)

William George (1855-)
In the 1881 census William was missing but at some stage he married Elizabeth (1863-) ...
In 1891 William was a Glue Manufacturer living at 21 Frankland Terrace, Potter Newton with Elizabeth.
By 1901 William was a Widower and Glue Manufacturer at 77 Reginald Terrace, Potter Newton.
By 1911 William, a Glue Manufacturer had remarried to Mary Ellen (1866-) and they were living at 4 Holly Bank, Otley Road, Leeds.

Thomas (1860-)
In 1891 Thomas, a Glue Manufacturer & Flock Merchant married to Mary J (1860-) living at 4 Ladywood Villas, Ladywood Road, Roundhay with two daughters Maude C (1884-) & Ethel (1888-).
In 1901 a Glue & Gelatine Manufacturer, Thomas & Mary were still at Ladywood Road; now with a son Frank N (1896-).
In 1911 still a Glue Manufactgurer, Thomas & Mary were living at Overdale, Old Park Road, Roundhay alone with servants.
Interestingly in 1893 an athletic club, football & cycling was incorporated in Leeds by a group of enthusiasts and the local MP and Thomas was a director.

In 1871 the family were at Buslingthorpe Road, William was a Flock Merchant but significantly Charles was now a Glue Merchant & Joseph Edward was a Clerk.

By 1881 William had a new wife Emma (1836-), some 16 years younger than him, they were at Saville House, Shadwell with servants with more children. Things were looking up -

Mabel (1875-)

Herbert William (1877-)
In 1911 Herbert was married to Emily (1884-) living at 2 Strawberry Villas, Shadwell but significantly he was an Estate Agent ... the first son not to follow into the family business.

In 1891 William was a Widower but still at Saville House, and still a Flock Merchant with Mabel and Herbert W at home.

By 1901 William still at Saville House, now described himself as a Glue Manufacturer. Herbert William was an Oil Merchant and still at home.

William Oldroyd (1820-1902) founded the business in Buslingthorpe, Leeds in 18?? and died in 1902.


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