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The Meggitts of Sheffield

family tree

Samuel Meggitt (1812-) was born in Sheffield and the 1841 census confirms he was a Button Manufacturer, living at Matilda Street with wife Mary Ash (-), son William Thomas (1837-), two daughters and two 15 year old apprentices. Samuel married Mary Ash in 1847.

In 1851 he was still at Matilda Street with Mary and William Thomas (1837-) but now there was young Samuel (1849-). His business now boasted employment of 8 men, 2 apprentices, 10 boys, 20 women and 10 girls.

In 1861 the family had moved to Cannon Hall, Barnsley Road, Brightside Bierlow. Two new sons Harry A (1853-) and Arthur C (1854-). There was no sign of 12 year old Sam nor another son Joseph B (1850-).

In 1861 William Thomas (1837-), Tillage Merchant, was married to Mary Jane and living at Rock Street, Bierlow, with son William M (1860-).

In 1871 Samuel (1812-) and family were now at Brunswick Road, Brightside Bierlow. Both Samuel and young Samuel were Bone Merchants, Joseph B was described as a Factory Engineer and Arthur was a Factory Clerk.

In 1871 William Thomas (1837-), Bone & Tillage Merchant, were now at St John Place Hartington Villa, Mansfield with William (1860-), George (1862-), Samuel (1863-).

Joseph Bloom Meggitt & familyIn 1881 William Thomas (1837-), Glue Manufacturer, were at Woodhouse road, Mansfield with William (1860-), Samuel (1863-) two new sons Fred S (1874-) and Sydney (1877-). Where was George T? 19 year old George was in London lodging with Eliza Cunningham and training as an Engineer.

 Samuel (1849-), Bone Merchant, was married to Annie and living at Fulwood Road, with Samuel junior (1878-).

 Joseph Bloom (1850-), Engineer at Glue Factory, was married to Eliza and the family were resident at Nottingham Road, Mansfield with sons Loxley (1874-), Joseph B (1875-), Alfred A (1878-), Arthur H (1880-) and Ernest (1881-).

 Harry (1853-), Chemical Manure Manufacturer, was married to Elizabeth and the family had also moved to Mansfield, St John Street and they had a new born son Harry (1881-).

 Arthur Cockayne (1854-1903), Manager, was married to Elizabeth and the family were at Doncaster Road Mexborough with son William A (1881-). Arthur's death was reported in 1903, a mysterious drowning.

In 1891 Samuel (1849-), Bone Merchant, was at 8 Tapton Ville, Bierlow.

Joseph Bloom (1850-), Glue & Manure Manufacturer, was at St John Terrace, Mansfield with Loxley, who was now a Chemical Student, and all the boys plus two more, Bernard (1886-) and William Thomas (1885-).

Harry A (1853-), Glue Manufacturer, was still in Mansfield, Chesterfield Road, with sons Harry B (1881-), Francis (1884-) and John P (1889-).

Arthur C (1854-), Glue Maker, was at Doncaster Road, Mexborough with 10 year old William.

In 1901 Samuel (1849-), Chemical Manure Manufacturer, was with wife Annie (1850-) living at 49 Westbourne Road, Nether Hallam, Sheffield, with son Samuel junor (1878-), Clerk. And daughter Blanche (1883-).

In 1911 Samuel (1849-), Button Manufacturer, was with wife Annie (1850-) living at 207 Rustlings Road, Sheffield, with daughter Blanche (1883-).

The strong wesleyan tradition established by Samuel continued in the family and was still going strong in 1927 ...


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