The Haworths of Westhoughton

John Howarth (1836-) was baptised in Eccles, Pendleton. He married ??. He was a Master Brewer; his son John Haworth (1868-) established a successful Glue business in Westhoughton in 18??.

In 1901 he was a Chemical Size Maker, married and with his nephew John Haworth (1867-), an animal Size Manufacturer, at 168 Manchester Road, Westhoughton.

John Haworth (1836-) was born in Farnworth?

In 1911 he was a widower living at 194 Manchester Road, Westhoughton with his son John Haworth (1867-), a Chemical Works Manager.

The same chap? Farnworth, Bolton ... Pendleton, Salford? No Haworths were at 168 Manchester Road in 1911! But a 74 year old John Howarth died in Bolton in 1908?

Annie (1866-), John (1866-), Alice (1870-) ...

John Haworth (1866-) was born in Southport, Lancashire in 1866/8.

1871 Census - Age: 5/3 Address: 63 King Street, North Meols, Ormskirk, Lancashire.

1881 Census - Age: 15/13 Address: 19 Upper Portland Street, North Meols, Ormskirk, Lancashire. The family were boarding

On January 23rd 1889 John Haworth married Margaret Pendlebury, a 20 year old dress maker from Hindley, born in 1870 daughter of an engine driver. John was 22, his address - Appley Bridge, Wigan. Occupation - Glue Maker.

The census of 1891 confirmed the details - Age: 25/23 Address: Miles Lane, Appley Bridge, Shevington, Wigan, Lancashire. Occupation: Glue Maker

In 1895 John & Margaret had a son John Herbert Haworth (1895-) born on 20th January at Wingates. Baptism: St John the Evangelist, Wingates, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Baptised by: Sam Sheppard, Vicar of St John's, Wingates. Father John was 29 years old and a Glue Manufacturer. (on the 3rd of June at St John the Evangelist, Wingates, Westhoughton, Sam Sheppard, Vicar of St John's, baptised young Harry Hunt. Harry was the son of Samuel Hunt & Mary and Samuel worked as a labourer at the Railway Works, Westhoughton ... helping to crush bones?!)

Railway Works1896 - Gorton & Haworth in 1896. Edward Gorton junior was a Glue Manufacturer. His partnership with John Haworth at Railway Works, Manchester Road, Westhoughton was dissolved in 1896. Was this the business Edward Hindley and Joseph Neill took over in 1903?
Stuart Ashton lived in 'Top o'th Slack' (Slack Lane) from 1969-1974 and his father used to collect fat and bones from butchers around Lancashire for the factory. The buildings have been demolished now. He remembers it did have an awful smell when the bones were being melted down!

In 1897 John & Margaret had another son James Pendlebury Haworth (1897-) was born on 14th March at Westinghouse. Baptism: St John the Evangelist, Wingates, Westhoughton, Lancashire, England. Baptised by: Sam Sheppard, Vicar of St John's, Wingates. Father John was 31 years old and a Size Manufacturer.

1901 Census - Age: 35/34 Address: 168 Manchester Road, Wingates, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Occupation: Size Animal Size Manufacturer. Uncle John Haworth (1836-) was staying with them.

1902/04 Directory for Westhoughton - John Haworth - Age: 36 Occupation: Gelatine Size Maker. Employee: Gorton & Haworth, Manchester Road.
Gorton & Haworth were apparently still advertising in 1902.

1908 'Agreement' between E Hindley and J O Neil (the Vendors) a third property asset in 1908 was -
'All that piece of land containing 2904 square yards or thereabouts together with the messuages and buildings thereon situate at Westhoughton in the County of Lancaster and held for the residue of a term of 999 years from the first day of May 1878 at the yearly rent of £18-3-0 subject as to part of the said premises containing 1041 square yards or thereabouts to an Under lease thereof for the term of 980 years from the first day of April 1893 but with the benefit of the rent of £8-13-7 and of the Lessees covenants by and in the said Under lease reserved and contained which said premises were conveyed to the Vendors by an Indenture dated the 27th day of August 1903 and made between John Haworth of the one part and the Vendors of the other part and are therein more particularly described'.
Which all means ... that John Haworth agreed to convey the lease of the said land and buildings in Westhoughton to Edward and Joseph Neill in 1903? ... I think?

1911 Census - Age: 43 Address: 194 Manchester Road, Westhoughton. Occupation: Chemical Works Manager. Margaret Haworth his wife age 41, married for 22 years.

Children -

Harold born in 1890 in Appley Bridge. Age 21, a cotton factory operative.
Norman born in 1892 in Appley Bridge. Age 19, a chemical works labourer,
John Herbert born in 1894 in Westhoughton. Age 17, a chemical works labourer.
James Pendlebury (1897-1972) born in Westhoughton. Age 14, an errand boy.
Richard Frederick born in 1899 in Westhoughton. Age 12, at school.
Robert J born in1905 in Westhoughton. Age 6, at school.

Father - John born in 1836 in Farnworth, Lancs. Age 75. Formerly worked as a master brewer.

1919 Death Certificate - 1 November registered by James Herbert Pendlebury. Age: 53 Address: Ivy Dew, Westhoughton, Lancashire.


The Grove Chemical Co Ltd which joined British Glues & Chemicals in 1920 was founded by another branch of the Haworth family, the Haworths of Oswaldtwistle ... and Herbert & Walter became directors of BG&C ...


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