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Evolutionary Economics - introduces Evolutionary Economics & Adaptive Efficiency, Economic Growth & Enabling Environments, Wealth Creation & Cooperative Synergies and Technological Innovation & Survival Know How.

Four Shattering Implications - evolving moral sentiments, evolving parasites & predators, evolving know how & evolving empirical science

Enter the Meme Makers - gene / culture coevolution

Evolutionary Economic Theory - the science of choice since 1859

Neo-Classical Theory - Nobel Prize winners since 1969

1. Science - why Western Europe? why 1500 AD?

Scientific & Industrial Revolution - Torts, Trade & Technology (essay notes)

Science of Choice - Evolutionary Economic Theory - Complex Adaptive Systems (one theory of consilience)   

2. Democracy - why the rapid spread in the late 20th century? 

Spread of Liberal Democracy - Universal Declaration of Human Rights (essay notes)

Economies of Scale - Vote with your Feet and join Clubs of your Choice - Global Markets (pregnant with moral & economic significance) +++ The Law of the Land - Reith Lectures 2019   

3. Markets - why is wealth creation so difficult to plan?

Failure of Planning - The Fatal Conceit (essay notes)

Synergies of Specialisation & Trade - Adam the Smith - Theory of Moral Sentiments (trust & cooperation) and Wealth of Nations (division of labour and 'pin factories')   

4. Innovation - why is wealth all about survival 'know how' and not other factors of production?

Economic Policy Consensus - Structural Reforms (essay notes) 

Discovery & Accumulation - The Case for Business - fairness of shares (Supply & Demand clears gluts & queues)  and resentment of cheats (immunity from Parasites & Predators) +++ The Nature of Value - Reith Lectures 2020 

Evolutionary Economic Principles -

Empirical Science & Ignorance (observation, theory, hypotheses, experiments, peer review - trial & error)

Natural Selection & Intelligent Design (copy/vary/select - differential survival)

Social Behaviour & Moral Sentiments (complexity/change/conflict/scarcity - do unto others) 

Cooperative Synergies & Specialisation & Scale (hard work, honesty & thrift - 2+2=5)

Liberal Democracy & Immunity from Treachery (torts, trade, technology - parasites & predators)

Markets & Control Systems (diversity & choice - opportunity costs)

Planning & Fatal Conceit (fundamental uncertainty & unintended consequences - natural selection)

Innovation & Survival (flip flopping emotions discover 'know how' and memory & reason accumulate 'know how' - weeding out failures)

The Blind Watch Maker and immunity from treachery.

Joint Stock Companies - the case for business (PowerPoint presentation)

Corporate Wealth Creation - understanding Business, Factories, Technology & Human Capital (boring Text Book stuff)  

Some Fun with Evolutionary Economics - lighten up! the dismal science can be fun!

Apapa Generators - 'ghosts from the past' ... education under the soap pans in Apapa?

Mitochondrial Eve - 'only time helped, the truth was in the future' ... how on earth do you choose a wife? ... or did she do the choosing?

Ricardo's Friends - 'folk mulled over the possibilities, investigated their ideas & learned a trade' ... torts, trade & technology paved the way?

Tommy Jeffers - 'folk quarreled somewhat and it all got bloody messy' ... inventing freedom & democracy?

Dickie Dawkins - 'nice guys finish first but folk got all mixed up, conned and confused' ... a Pandora's Box of cooperation & trust?

Joe Sixpack - 'genetic costs & benefits' ... deep cultural history?

Emergent Puzzles - 'the penny has to drop' ... do you believe in evolution?

Intelligent Design - 'all messy, complicated, conflicting, changing & scarce' ... plausible deliberate rational purposeful intentional plans aren't what they seem to be?

Gardens of Forking Paths - 'perhaps time itself evolved' ... labyrinths & evolutionary metaphors?

Kelsall Pulpit - 'hard wired moral sentiments' ... a few notes about science & illusions?

War on Terror - 'cultural tit for tat' ... freedom fighters or terrorists?

Jimmy Watt - 'happenings just happened' ... the 2nd law of thermodynamics, hard work, honesty & thrift TINA?

Creative Destruction - 'differential survival' of 'parasites & predators' ... and 'coin clippers'?

Historical Evidence - 'unfathomable notions' ... is the brain addling evidence in biological history?

Creating Money Out of Nothing - 'the big print' ... aka Modern Monetary Theory?

Immunity from Treachery - 'covid ain't daft' ... arms races and clever chemistry?

Unknown Unknowns - 'Euler's strange 'e'' ... mathematics of ignorance? 

Just So Stories - 'evolutionary explanations for everything' ... ignorance and beliefs, but do you believe in the fun of Rudyard Kipling or the fun of Charles Darwin?

Criticisms & Two Narratives ... natural selection is a very simple idea but the penny has to drop ... perhaps critics are tilting at windmills and building four straw men ... four myths for you to have some fun with ... and debunk ...

Day by day the evidence mounted ... and when the penny dropped - 

Morality was an adaptation ? !

Behaviour was biology ? !

Economics was science ? !

Human Intention was an experiment in the imagination ? !

Evolutionary Economic Quotations - Empirical Science - Natural Selection - Social Behaviour - Cooperative Synergies - Liberal Democracy - Markets - Planning - Innovation 

The Open University Evolutionary Economics 2000 = Complex Adaptive Systems

Bibliography - here are a few sources from the great & the good

Geoffrey Hodgson - 'Darwinism in Economics - from Analogy to Ontology'

Evolutionary Economics Links - interesting?