Evolutionary Economics Links

thinkerInteresting contributions on the WWW ...

nobel prizes in economics = all the recent greats 

world trade organisation = letting technology rip by opening up trade and avoiding tariffs and red tape

world bank = economic growth reference

financial times = all the news, comment, references and forums

Science ... ...

talk. origins archive = a massive resource

richard dawkins = all the latest evolutionary thinking

daniel dennett = evolution and the brain

evolutionary theories in the social sciences = Prof Murmann's information site for scholars

human behaviour and evolution society = all the diverse disciplines but a common language of Darwinism

ace = agent based computational economics at Iowa

evolutionary world politics = Washington University

'think tanks' ...

in London ...

iea = all the latest economic thinking from London 1957 

civitas = solutions to social problems from the IEA London

social affairs unit = social, economic and cultural issues

centre for policy studies = Sir Keith Joseph - rolling back the state, reforming public services

adam smith institute = honouring the grand master 1977

in USA ...

brookings institution = economic/public policy research in the US since 1916

american enterprise institute = public policy research 1943 

rand corporation = R&D policy in the USA 1948

hoover institution = supporting the US constitution at Stanford 1959

hudson institute = technology in the future 1961

heritage foundation = free enterprise research and education 1973 

cato institute = more economic/public policy research 1977 

competitive enterprise institute = advancing liberty 1984

acton institute = religion and freedom 1990

institute for new economic thinking = the demise of neo classical economics 2009

Economics at open university = Complex Adaptive Systems 2000 ...