Corporate Wealth Creation
Evolution of Business, Accounts, Factories, Technology & Human Capital


PLC - How it works? & Why it works? - ideas notes

Preliminaries, Introduction & Starters

Preliminaries - why wealth? - why you? - why me? & thanks to others? - notes

Introduction Philosophy - before we begin? - ingredients for success - wealth creation cocktails - notes   

wealth creation  - co-operative synergies

understanding business - complex adaptive systems 

background -

1 Economics & Marketing - Markets - Joe Sixpack or The State?

2 Accountancy & Ownership - Business - Owners or Producers?

3 Systems & Structure - Factories - Customers or Bureaucrats?

4 Science & Application - Technology - Practice or Theory?

5 Behaviour & Organisation - Human Capital - People or Profit?

Starters - are you sitting comfortably? - notes

structure - wealth machine - accounts - factory - technology - people

scope - simple models

theme - supply & demand and enlightened self interest

The Wealth Machine

Wealth Machine - Why it works? - collect £100 as you pass go - notes

creating value - not a zero sum game

private profit - entrepreneurs, customers, suppliers, employees

Markets - it's not from benevolence - notes  

supply & demand - scarcity, complexity, change, conflict

nature of profit - measuring outcomes

magic of property - aspirations 

safeguard of competition & choice - alternatives

individuality of reality - self fulfillment 

PLC - magic round about - notes

magic round about - Business Strategy  

margin & speed - Marketing Task

Marketing - process action centre - notes


economies of scale  

customer value

brand positioning

product life cycle



Quality & Service - new improved pukka de lux - notes

customers at risk

quality chain

customer service

competitive control

Complications - Market Failure - notes

waste & pollution - no owners  

cartels - no competition

poverty - no money   

planning failure - no hope

Role of Government - checks & balances - separation of powers - protection of minorities

role of government    

Business Accounts

Business Accounts - How it works? - machine in action - notes

measuring the flows - Sources of Finance - Cash - Creditors - Stocks - Fixed Assets - Costs - Financial Items - Debtors

shareholder value - no free lunch - bills have to be paid

Profit & Loss Account - it's not a zero sum game - notes

profit & loss

profit or cash

prices & revenue

costs & expenses

Balance Sheet - what we have is what we owe - notes


capital or revenue

asset utilisation

financing growth

Funds Flow Statement - sink or swim - notes

cash pool

equity or debt



cash call

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments - supercharged growth - notes

mergers or acquisitions

cash or paper

market standing


ownership activity

Complications - Trust - caveats - notes

caveats - timing - asset Valuation - cost allocation

information failure

Role of Ownership - skin in the game or bureaucratic kludge

role of ownership


Factory - same objective - dark satanic mills - notes

factory systems - flexible experiments

market led factories - will it sell more shoes

Factory Systems - getting the act together - notes

system characteristics

system problems    

structure & growth


staff departments

Design - so you want to build a factory - notes


process positioning

technology type



Cost Behaviour - tales of the unexpected - notes

cost & control

cost & volume

cost & complexity

Operating Method - chucks away - notes

planning & control bureaucracy

real time management    

in situ planning

management priorities

'Z' Charts

control system

Complications - Responsiveness flexibility - notes


backing winners  

bureaucracy failure

The Role of Structure - subsidiarity

role of structure


Technology - servant or master - the essential link - notes

microchip revolution - opportunities

technology - application of science 

New Technology - a tiger by the tail - notes



powerful synergy

in situ control

Application of Technology - hold that tiger - notes

application of science 

dynamic technology




problem solving 

R & D Costs - a bottomless pit of expense - notes




People Business - management by walking about - notes

people business    





Complications - Price of Progress - not selected to play - notes


restrictive practices

opt out

science failure

 The Role of Innovation - continuous productivity improvement

role of innovation

Human Capital

Human Capital - Profit Objective - but it's all about people, the natural order of things - notes

growing businesses

profit or people?

Current Situation - I wouldn't start from here - notes

enlightened self interest

people system

profit & employees   

problem solving for profit

emerging systems coordinators

Proposed Solution - the ball game has changed - notes

restructuring organisation

restructuring capital

skin in the game

business driven R&D

delegation & control

Alternatives - the ones that got away - notes



Complications - a sting in the tale - notes


real time control

market failure

 The Role of People - self fulfillment

role of people


ROUND UP - The Golden Threads - notes

SPICES - Simplify - People - Innovate - Customise - Economise - Specialise 

golden threads  

VALIDATION - questionnaire - notes

The Wealth Machine - PowerPoint presentation describing how the machine works and why it works ... this material was originally put together for a business appreciation course for first line managers during the 1980s ... still relevant & necessary for business students?


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