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Alice Blue Gown (Joseph McCarthy/Harry Tierney)
At the Jazz Band Ball (Larry Shields/Nick LaRocca)
Barnyard Blues / Livery Stable Blues (Nick LaRocca)
Bluin' the Blues (Henry Ragas)
Bow Wow Blues (Cliff Friend/Nate Osbourne) 
Broadway Rose (Introducing 'Dolly I Love You' West/Fried/Spencer/Wadsworth/Arden)
Clarinet Marmalade (Larry Shields/Eddie Edwards/Tony Sparbaro/Nick LaRocca)
Crazy Blues (Introducing 'It's Right Here For You' 'If You Don't Get It - Tain't No Fault O' Mine' Perry Bradford / Alex Belledna)
Darktown Strutters Ball (Shelton Brooks)
Dangerous Blues (Billie Brown) 
Did You Mean It (Mort Dixon/Jesse Greer)
Dixie Jass Band One Step (Introducing 'That Teasin' Rag' - J.Russel Robinson/Nick LaRocca/Joe Jordan)
Drop a Nickel in the Slot (Fred E. Ahlert / Joe Young) 
Fidgety Feet (Larry Shields/Nick LaRocca)
Good-night Sweet Dreams Good-night (Teddy Powell/Leonard Whitcup)
Home Again Blues (Introducing 'Lindy' - Irving Berlin/Harry Akst) 
I Live for Love
I'm Sittin' High on a Hill Top
Indiana (James F. Hanley)
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (Kenbrovin/Kellette)
In My Little Red Book (Stillman/Bloch/Simon)
I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now (Irving Berlin) 
I've Lost My Heart in Dixieland (Irving Berlin)
Jazz Me Blues (Tom Delaney)
Jezebel (Mercer/Warren)
'Lasses Candy (Nick LaRocca) 
Lazy Daddy (Larry Shields / Nick LaRocca/Henry Ragas)
Livery Stable Blues (Ray Lopez/Yellow Nuñez )
Look at 'em Doing it Now (Larry Shields) 
Mammy o' Mine (Maceo Pinkard) 
Margie (Con Conrad/J. Russel Robinson)
Mournin' Blues (Tony Sbarbaro) 
My Baby's Arms (Joseph McCarthy/Harry Tierney) 
Old Joe Blade (Nick La Rocca) 
Original Dixieland One-Step (Nick LaRocca)
oooOO-OH Boom! (Mike Riley)
Oriental Rag (Dinwitty) or Soudan (Sebek) or 'Oriental Jazz'
Ostrich Walk (Larry Shields/Nick LaRocca)
Palesteena (Con Conrad / J. Russel Robinson)
Please Be Kind (Sammy Cahn / Saul Chaplin) 
Reisenweber Rag (Original Dixieland Jass Band)
Royal Garden Blues (Clarence Williams/Spencer Williams)
Satanic Blues (Larry Shields/Emile Christian)
Sensation Rag (Eddie Edwards)
Shake It and Break It (Friscoe/Clark)
Skeleton Jangle (Larry Shields/Nick LaRocca)
Slipping Through My Fingers
Some of These Days (Shelton Brooks)
Sphinx (B. Barbour)
St. Louis Blues (W C Handy)
Sweet Mama (Rose/Little/Frost/Creamer/Layton)
Tell Me (Kortlander) 
Tiger Rag (Nick LaRocca)
Toddlin' Blues (Nick LaRocca)
When You and I Were Young Maggie (J.A. Butterfield)
Who Loves You (B. Davis/J. Fred Coots)
You Stayed Away Too Long

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