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King Oliver's Jazz Band

Just Gone - Oliver / Johnson
Canal Street Blues - Oliver / Armstrong
Mandy Lee Blues - Bloom / Melrose
I’m Going Away to Wear You Off… - Smith
Chimes Blues - Oliver
Weather Bird Rag - Armstrong
Dippermouth Blues - Oliver / Armstrong
Frog-i-more - Morton / Spikes / Carew
Snake Rag - Oliver
Sweet Lovin' Man - Melrose / Hardin
High Society Rag - Steele / Melrose
Sobbin' Blues - Kassel / Burton
Where Did You Stay Last Night - Armstrong / Hardin
Jazzin' Babies' Blues - R M Jones
Alligator Hop - Oliver / Piron
Zulus Ball - Oliver / Robinson
Workingman Blues - Oliver / Hardin
Krooked Blues - Spikes / Johnson
Buddy's Habit - Arnett Nelson
Tears - Armstrong / Hardin
I Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody - R M Jones
Room Rent Blues - Newton
Riverside Blues - Dorsey / R M Jones
Sweet Baby Doll - G Thomas
Working Man Blues - Oliver
Mabel's Dream - Ike Smith
Southern Stomps - R M Jones
Riverside Blues - Dorsey / R M Jones

Edmonia Henderson

Jelly Roll Blues - Morton

Ford & Ford

Skeeg-a-Lee Blues - Ford / Ford
I'm Three Times Seven - Douglas

Louis Armstrong Jazz Four

Gambler's Dream - Hociel Thomas
Sunshine Baby - Hociel Thomas
Adam and Eve Had the Blues - Hociel Thomas
Put It Where I Can Get It - Hociel Thomas
Wash Woman Blues - Hociel Thomas / Longshaw
I've Stopped My Man - Hociel Thomas / Bollinger

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five

My Heart - Hardin
Yes! I'm in the Barrel - Armstrong
Gut Bucket Blues - Armstrong
Come Back, Sweet Papa - Barbarin / Russel
Georgia Grind - A Williams
Heebie Jeebies - Atkins
Cornet Chop Suey - Armstrong
Oriental Strut - St Cyr
You're Next - Armstrong
Muskrat Ramble - Ory / Gilbert

Teddy Peters with Instrumental Accompaniment

What a Man

Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders

Jackass Blues - Stitzel / Kassel
Frog Tongue Blues - Lovie Austin

Edmonia Henderson with Instrumental Accompaniment

Who's Gonna Do Your Lovin' - Austin
Nobody Else Will Do - Austin
Blythe's Washboard Ragamuffins
Bohunkus Blues - Blythe / Stevens
Buddy Burton's Jazz - Blythe / Burton

Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders

Sunday Morning Blues - Austin
You Don't Mean Me No Good - Stevens
Out Bound Train Blues - Bartlette
Walk Easy 'Cause My Papa's Here - Cobb

Lil's Hot Shots

Georgia bo bo - J Trent / T Waller
Drop That Sack - Armstrong

Louis Armstrong Hot Five

Don't Forget to Mess Around - Barbarin / Armstrong
I'm Gonna Gitcha - Hardin
Dropping Shucks - Hardin
Who's It - R M Jones

Butterbeans & Suzie

He Likes It Slow - Edwards / Edwards

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five

King of the Zulus - Hardin
Big Fat Ma and Skinny Pa - R M Jones
Lonesome Blues - Lil Hardin
Sweet Little Papa - Ory

New Orleans Wanderers

Perdido Street Blues - Lil Hardin
Gatemouth - Lil Hardin
Too Tight - Lil Hardin
Papa Dip - Lil Hardin

Chicago Bootblacks

Mixed Salad - Lil Hardin
I Can't Say - Lil Hardin
Flat Foot - Lil Hardin
Mad Dog - Lil Hardin

Blythe's Washboard Ragamuffins

Messin' Around - Jimmy Blythe
Adam's Apple - Jimmy Blythe

Junie Cobb's Hometown Band

East Coast Trot - Blythe - Stevens
Chicago Buzz - Blythe - Stevens

Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders

Chicago Mess Around - Lovie Austin
Galion Stomp - Lovie Austin
In the Alley Blues- Lovie Austin
Merry Maker's Twine - Nelson / Mack

Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders

Don't Blame Me - S Parham
Scottle De Doo - S Parham

Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals:

Stock Yard Strut - Jasper Taylor
Salty Dog - Charlie Jackson

Bertrand's Washboard Wizards:

47th Street Stomp - Jimmy Blythe
Blues Stampede - Irving Mills
Easy Come Easy Go Blues - Bergere
I Won't Give You None - Jimmy Blythe - no clarinet
I'm Goin’ Huntin' - Johnson / Waller / Mills
Idle Hour Special - Jimmy Blythe
If You Wanna Be My Sugar Papa - Wayne / Mills / Schaefer
Isabelle - Punch Miller - Darnell Howard on clarinet
Little Bits - Jimmy Blythe
Struggling - Jimmy Blythe

King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators

Someday Sweetheart - Spike Bros.

Blythe's Washboard Ragamuffins

Ape Man - Jimmy Blythe
Your Folks - Jimmy Blythe

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five

Jazz Lips - Armstrong / Hardin / Robbin
Skid-Dat-De-Dat - Hardin
Big Butter and Egg Man - Venable / Armstrong
Sunset Cafe Stomp - Venable / Armstrong
You Made Me Love You - Venable / Armstrong
Irish Black Bottom - Venable / Armstrong

Johnny Dodds & Tiny Parham

Oh Daddy - Russel / Herbert

Dixieland Jug Blowers

House Rent Rag - Clifford / Mcdonald
Memphis Shake - Clifford
Carpet Alley-Breakdown - Smith / Clifford
Hen Party Blues - Clifford

J. Taylor's State Street Boys

Stomp Time Blues - Parham
It Must Be the Blues - Parham

Johnny Dodds & Tiny Parham

Loveless Love - W. C. Handy
Nineteenth Street Blues - Parham

Johnny Dodds Trio

San - Mcphail / Michaels
Oh Lizzie - Irving Bibo
The new St. Louis Blues - W. C. Handy
Clarinet Wobble - Dodds

Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers

Weary Blues - Artie Matthews
New Orleans Stomp - Hardin / Armstrong / Dodds
Wild Man Blues - Armstrong / Morton
Melancholy - Bloom / Melrose

Louis Armstrong's Hot Seven

Willie The Weeper - Melrose / Bloom / Rymal
Wild Man Blues - Armstrong / Morton
Alligator Crawl - Razaf / Waller / Davis
Potato Head Blues - Armstrong
Melancholy - Bloom / Melrose
Weary Blues - Artie Matthews
Twelfth Street Rag - Bowman
Keyhole Blues - Wilson
S.O.L. Blues - Armstrong
Gully Low Blues - Armstrong
That's When I'll Come Back to You - Briggs

Morton's Red Hot Peppers

Hyena Stomp - Morton
Billy Goat Stomp - Morton
Wild Man Blues - Armstrong / Morton
Jungle Blues - Morton
Beale Street Blues - Handy
The Pearls - Morton

Morton and His Trio

Wolverine Blues - Morton - Spike Bros
Mr. Jelly Lord - Morton

State Street Ramblers

There'll Come a Day - Blythe
Weary Way Blues - Blythe / Minor
Cootie Stomp - Clark

Dixieland Thumpers

There'll Come a Day - Blythe
Weary Way Blues - Blythe / Minor

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five

Put 'Em Down Blues - Bennett
Ory's Creole Trombone - Ory
The Last Time - Ewing / Martin

Jimmy Blythe's Owls

Weary Way Blues - Blythe / Minor
Poutin' Papa - Longshaw
Hot Stuff - Blythe
Have Mercy - Slaughter - Blythe

Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers

Come On and Stomp, Stomp, Stomp - Irwin Mills / Fats Waller
After You've Gone - Creamer / Layton
Joe Turner's Blues - Hirsh / Handy
When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo - Spier / Fain / Coslow

The Chicago Footwarmers

Ballin' The Jack - Clark
Grandma's Ball - Blythe

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five

Struttin' with Some Barbeque - Hardin
Got No Blues - Hardin
Once In a While - Butler
I'm Not Rough - Hardin / Armstrong
Hotter Than That - Hardin
Savoy blues - Ory

The Chicago Footwarmers

My Baby - Lonnie Johnson
Oriental Man - Blythe / Robinson

Dixieland Thumpers

Oriental Man - Blythe / Robinson
Sock That Thing

Blythe's washboard wizards:

My Baby - Lonnie Johnson
Oriental Man - Blythe / Robinson

Blind Blake

C.C. Pill Blues - Blind Blake
Hot Potatoes
Southbound Rag

Elzadie Robinson

Elzadie's Policy Blues - Robinson
Pay Day Daddy Blues - Robinson

 Original Washboard Band

Jasper Taylor Blues - Taylor / Williams / Heywood
Geechie River Blues - Heywood / Gilbert

The Chicago Footwarmers

Get 'Em Again Blues (Come Back Sweet Papa) - Barbarin / Russell
Brush Stomp - Dominique
My Girl - Briggs

The Chicago Footwarmers

Sweep 'Em Clean - Dominique
Lady Love - Dominique
Brown Bottom Bess - Jones

Johnny Dodds Trio

Blue Clarinet Stomp - Dodds
Blue Piano Stomp - Dodds

Johnny Dodds' Washboard Band

Bucktown Stomp - Dodds
Weary City - Dodds
Bull Fiddle Blues - Dodds
Blue Washboard Stomp - Dodds

Johnny Dodds' Orchestra

Pencil Papa - Hardin
Too Tight - Armstrong
Sweet Lorraine - Dominique
My Little Isabel - Dominique
Heah Me Talkin' - Hardin
Goober Dance - Hardin
Too Tight - Dominique
I'm a Mighty Tight Woman - Thomas

Johnny Dodds Trio

Indigo Stomp - Dodds

Paramount Pickers

Steal Away
Salty Dog - Charlie Jackson

Beale Street Washboard Band

Forty and Tight - Frank Melrose
Piggly Wiggly - Junie Cobb

Johnny Dodds' Chicago Boys

Wild Man Blues - Armstrong / Morton
Melancholy - Bloom / Melrose
29th and Dearborn - Jones
Blues Galore - Jones
Stack O'lee Blues - Spencer
Shake Your Can - Dickenson

Johnny Dodds' Orchestra

Red Onion Blues - Williams
Gravier Street Blues – Williams

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