Dixieland Jazz Links

clarinetistLots of great stuff ... !!

syncopated times = for your listening pleasure ... legendary redhotjazz now defunct but the flag is still fying!

doucument records = the source for all your old recordings CDs

fred burnett's jazz pages = news from the North West of England - my neck of the woods

john petters = keeping the flag flying on this side of the pond

ken mathieson = Ken's Classic Jazz Orchestra ... wonderful music

jelly roll morton = Mike Meddings (RIP) 'tour de force'

dick baker = information on all the old toons

djml = Dixieland jazz mailing list for fun and erudition

traditional jazz educators network = this is all it says

jazz at the lincoln centre = Wynton Marsalis preserving and promoting

smithsonian jazz = preserving and promoting

louis armstrong house & archives= the 'official' archive and museum

potomac river jazz club = a non-profit society formed to preserve and promote the playing and appreciation of traditional Dixieland jazz ... lots of info

chicago jazz archive = another site packed with links to everywhere in Dixieland Jazz

jazzology = buy your records here George H Buck jr RIP

My mates ...

karl koenig = early jazz? everything but everything is here !

alan rouse = trumpets and my original partner on the Louis Armstrong transcription project

randy ayling = a fascinating approach to harmony - only for those who really want to know what's going on ...

joe gordon = an old 'skiffler' mate from Scotland where I was educated !!

ivan huke = an 'elderly gent from Nottingham' has a great blog on playing Traditional Jazz and an appreciation of a great band Tuba Skinny !!

lasse collins = fabulous collection of old lead sheets

'Band in a Box' stuff ...

pgmusic = the great Band in a Box software supplier

If you're into the old American popular songs these are the 'killer' sites ... (any I've missed?) ...

jazzstandards.com = all the background to the great songs 

yestertunes = Jim has the details of the Anderson Fake Book and much much more

halcyon days music = Colin's great site

public domain music = Benjamin Tubb's site covers the early days

perfessor Bill Edwards = the 'Perfessor' is into ragtime

melody lane = lots of wonderful midi songs and info

parlor songs = yet more old favourites

Transcribing bits and helps ...

transcribe! = helpful transcribing software

ear power = wonderful little ear training programme