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Farmhand Papa
Gravier Street Blues
Mixing the Blues
My Own Blues
My Woman Done Me Wrong (As Far As I'm Concerned)
Organ Grinder Blues
Pane in the Glass
Shooting the Pistol
Too Low
Wallflower Rag
Weary Blues
When I March In April With May

Clarence Williams and his Band

I'm Not Worrying
Touch Down

Clarence Williams and his Blue Seven

Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Close Fit Blues
Senegalese Stomp
Shut Your Mouth
What Do you Know about That
Would Ja?

Clarence Williams' Novelty Band

He Wouldn't Stop Doin' It
Michigan Water Blues
You Rascal You
You're Bound to Look Like a Monkey When You Get Old

Clarence Williams' Trio

Santa Claus Blues

Clarence Williams' Stompers

Jackass Blues
Spanish Shawl
What's the Matter Now?

Clarence Williams' Washboard Five

Cushion Foot Stomp
Have You Ever Felt That Way?
Log Cabin Blues
Take Your Black Bottom Outside
Shake it Down
Red River Blues
Sweet Emalina
Walk that Broad

Blue Grass Footwarmers

Charleston Hound
How Could I Be Blue
Old Folks Shuffle

Senorita Mine

Jamaca Jazzers

You Don't Know My Mind Blues
West Indies Blues

Barrel House Five

Endurance Stomp (Barrel House Stomp)
Hot Lovin'
Mama Stayed Out
Nobody's Business (How I Love That Man)
Scufflin' Blues
Some Do Some Don't

Clarence Williams' and his Bottomland Orchestra

Slow River
Zulu Wail

Seven Gallon Jug Band

What if I Do ?
Wipe 'Em Off

Clarence Williams' Blue Five

Achin' Heart Blues
Baby, I Can't Use You No More
Black Snake Blues
Cake Walking Babies From Home
Cast Away
Changeable Daddy of Mine
Coal Cart Blues
Get It Fixed
Early in the Morning
Everybody Loves My Baby
I'm a Little Blackbird Looking for a Bluebird
I've Found a New Baby
Just a Cotton Picker's Blues
Just Wait 'Til You See My Baby Do the Charleston
House Rent Blues
Kansas City Man Blues
Livin' High
Mandy, Make Up Your Mind
Mean Blues
New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
Of All the Wrongs You've Done to Me
Oh Daddy! Blues
Old Fashion Love
Old Folks Shuffle

Papa Mama's All Alone
Picking on My Baby
Pile of Logs and Stone
Santa Claus Blues
Shake it Down
Squeeze Me
Take Your Black Bottom Outside
Tain't Nobody's Bus'ness if I Do
Temptation Blues
Texas Moaner Blues
Trouble Everywhere I Roam
Wild Cat Blues
You Can't Shush Katie
You've Got the Right Key but the Wrong Keyhole

Clarence Williams’ Jazz Kings

Any Time
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)
Candy Lips
Close Fit Blues
Dreaming the Hours Away
Freeze Out
Gravier Street Blues
Have You Ever Felt Like That?
High Society Blues
If You Like Me Like I Like You
I'm Not Worrying
I Need You
In Our Cottage of Love
Lazy Levee Loungers
Mountain City Blues
Nervous Breakdown
Papa De-Da-Da
Pane in the Glass
Rail Road Rhythm
Red River Blues
Shooting the Pistol
Shout, Sister, Shout!
Sweet Emalina
The Keyboard Express
Them Things Got Me
Too Low
Walk that Broad
When I March in April with May
Whoop It Up
You'll Long for Me
You've Got to be Modernistic

Clarence Williams' Novelty Four

In the Bottle Blues
What You Want Me to Do?

Clarence Williams and his Orchestra

Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Beau Koo Jack
Close Fit Blues
Farm Hand Papa
I'm Through
How Could I Be Blue

I've Found a New Baby
Left All Alone With the Blues

Lazy Mama
Left All Alone Blues
Long Deep and Wide
Longshoreman's Blues

Midnight Stomp
Mountain City Blues
My Woman Done Me Wrong
New Down Home Blues
Organ Grinder Joe

Pane in the Glass
Santa Claus Blues
Saturday Night Jag
Shooting the Pistol
Shake 'em Up
Sister Kate
Speak Easy
Squeeze Me (The Boy In The Boat)
Wildflower Rag

Clarence Williams Washboard Band

Cushion Foot Stomp
High Society
In Our Cottage of Love
I've Got What It Takes

Lazy Mama
Mississippi Blues (Home Town Toddle)
(Oh Baby) What Makes Me Love You So?

P.D.Q. Blues
Shout, Sister, Shout!
Steamboat Days
Whip Me with Plenty of Love
Where that Old River Blows
Whoop It Up
Worn Out Blues
You Don't Understand
You've Got to Get Me Some

Clarence Williams Washboard Four

Candy Lips
Nobody but My Baby is Getting My Love
Norfolk Church Sobbin' Blues
Yama Yama Blues

Dixie Washboard Band

Anywhere Sweetie Goes (I'll Be There)
Boodle Am
Cushion Foot Stomp
Gimmie Blues
Dark Eyes
I've Found a New Baby
King of the Zulus
Livin' High
My Own Blues
Shake That Thing
The Zulu Blues
Wait Till You See My Baby Do the Charleston
You for Me, Me for You

Red Onion Jazz Babies

Cake Walking Babies from Home
Early Every Morn
Everybody Loves My Baby
Nobody Knows the Way I Feel this Morning
Of All the Wrongs You've Done to Me
Santa Claus Blues
Terrible Blues

Clarence Williams Jug Band

Chizzlin' Sam
High Society
Kansas City Man Blues
Mississippi Basin
Mister, Will You Serenade?

Organ Grinder Blues
Shim Sham Shimmy
Sitting on Top of the World
You Ain't Too Old

Memphis Jazzers

Baby Won't You Please Come Home?
Close Fit Blues


More songs from Clarence Williams (1898 – 1964).

… prolific !? … he wrote or co-wrote 495 songs …
I have lead sheets for some of these songs but many are not yet in ‘Band in a Box’ … but ask if you want any of them …

A Sweet Man’s the Cause of it All - 1923 Clarence Williams
After Tea (Save A Waltz For Me) - 1925 J. Tim Brymn Chris Smith Clarence Williams
After Tonight - 1933 Ralph Matthews Lil Hardin Clarence Williams
Ain't Gonna Give Nobody (None O' My Jelly Roll) - 1919 Spencer Williams Clarence Williams
Baby Have Pity on Me - 1930 Billy Moll Clarence Williams
Bajan - 1939 Lionel Belasco Clarence Williams
Babados Blues - 1924 Edgar Dowell Clarence Williams
Baton Rouge Blues - 1924 Tim Bryan Clarence Williams
Brown Skin (Who You For) - 1915 Clarence Williams Armand J. Piron
Buckets Got a Hole in It - 1933 Clarence Williams
Come On Coot, Do That Thing - 1925 Clarence Williams
Dance They Call the Georgia Hunch - 1920 Clarence Williams Louis Wade Spencer Williams
Decatur Street Blues - 1922 Clarence Williams Tausha Hammed Mercedes Gilbert
Dispossessin’ Me - 1932 Clarence Williams Al Schiller Walter Bishop
Doll Baby - 1923 Clarence Williams
Don't Turn Your Back on Me - 1928 Clarence Williams
E flat Blues - 1923 Clarence Williams
Easy Gong Brown Skin - 1923 Spencer Williams Clarence Williams
Florida Bound - 1925 Clarence Williams
For Sale - 1931 Clarence Williams Henry Troy
Four Flushin’ Papa - 1923 Lewis Mitchelson Clarence Williams
Get Up Off Your Knees - 1929 Clarence Williams Andy Razaf
Good Looking Papa Blues - 1924 Clarence Williams*
Got to Think It Over - 1939 Willie Smith Walter Bishop Clarence Williams
Green Gal Can't Catch On - 1924 Sara Martin Clarence Williams
Gulf Coast Blues - 1923 Clarence Williams
Harlem Rhythm Dance - 1933 Clarence Williams Andy Razaf
Heart that Once Belonged to Me - 1925 Clarence Williams "Fats" Waller
Hop Off - 1927 Clarence Williams
Hurry Up Sundown - 1937 Clarence Williams
Hurry Sundown - 1940 Clarence Williams
I Can Beat You Doin' What You're Doin' - 1915 Clarence Williams Armand J. Piron
I Can See You All Over the Place - 1936 "Fats" Waller Clarence Williams
I Can't Dance (Got Ants In My Pants) - 1934 Clarence Williams Charlie Gaines
I Can’t Get It into My Head - 1937 Billy Heston Redmond Farrar Clarence Williams
I Can’t Think of Anything but You - 1932 Charles O’Flynn Bobbie Robinson Clarence Williams
I Don’t Want It You Can Have It - 1917 Armond Piron Clarence Williams
I Like to Go Back in the Evening - 1933 H O'Reilly Clint Clarence Williams
I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl - 1931 Clarence Williams J Tim Brymn D Small
I Never Knew What the Blues Were Until You Went Away - 1917 Clarence Williams
I Wanna Hot Dog - 1927 Clarence Williams Tausha Hammed
I'd Rather Be Blue than Green - 1924 Clarence & Spencer Williams "Fats" Waller Andy Razaf
If You Don't Believe I Love You - 1921 Clarence Williams
If You Don't I Know Who Will - 1923 Clarence Williams Chris Smith J. Tim Brymn
I'm Busy and You Can't Come In - 1928 Clarence Williams
I’m Falling for You - 1938 Clarence Williams
I'm Getting My Bonus in Love - 1931 - Clarence Williams
I’m Glad I Found You - 1926 Clarence Williams
It Was Beautiful in Dreamland - 1920 Clarence Williams
Jail House Blues - 1924 Bessie Smith Clarence Williams
Jerry the Junker - 1935 Clarence Stout Clarence Williams
Just Take One Long Last Lingering Look - 1923 Milt Hagen Chas O’Flynn Clarence Williams
Keystone Blues - 1940 Clarence Williams
Lady Luck Blues - 1922 William Webber Clarence Williams
Lazy Blues - 1920 Sidney Bechet Clarence Williams
Let Every Day be Mother's Day - 1935 Clarence Williams Tausha Hammed Willie "Lion" Smith
Lil’ Baby Mine - 1921 Henriette Loveless Clarence Williams
Look Out for the Brown Bomber - 1935 Dan Dougherty Walter Bishop Clarence Williams
Love’s Going to be Rationed - 1932 Rose Dean Clarence Williams
Mama Knows - 1924 A J piron Clarence Williams
Mama's Got It - 1932 A J piron Clarence Williams
Mama's Got the Blues - 1923 Sara Martin Clarence Williams
Mammy's Coo Coo - 1919 Clarence Williams J P Steele
Mancipation Day in Dixie – 1936 Horace George Clarence Williams
Money Mad - 1940 Clarence Williams
More than That - 1936 Clarence Williams Ben Barnett
Morocco Blues - 1926 Joe Jordan Clarence Williams
My Pillow and Me - 1923 J Tim Brymn Chris Smith Clarence Williams
New Orleans Wiggle - 1923 Armand J Piron Peter E Bocage Clarence Williams
Nobody in Town Can Bake a Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine - 1923 Clarence & Spencer Williams
Nobody's Blues but Mine - 1925 Clarence Williams
Original Charleston Strut - 1923 Thomas Morris William Russell Clarence Williams
Outside of That (He's Alright With Me) - 1923 Clarence Williams Jo Trent
Peace Brother Peace - 1937 Clarence Williams
Pepper Sauce Women - 1939 Clarence Williams
Play 'em for Mama Sing 'em for Me - 1920 Clarence Williams
Put a Nickelo - 1938 Joe Trafalgar Hubert Clarence Williams
Red Headed Mama Blues - 1921 Clarence Williams Willie Raskin
Rhapsody in Love - 1931 Clarence Williams Jo Trent
Right Key but the Wrong Key Hole - 1935 Clarence Williams Eddie Green
Right Under My Baby's Nose - 1940 Clarence WilliamsRoamin' Blues - 1924 Clarence Williams
Roumania - 1920 Clarence Williams Dave Peyton Spencer Williams
Sally Long Blues - 1923 Sam Gray Virginia Liston Clarence Williams
Shim Sham Shimmy Dance - 1933 Clarence Williams Andy Razaf
Singin’ at the Table - 1925 Ben Barnett Clarence Williams
Slaving - 1924 Thomas "Fats" Waller Clarence Williams
Slow Down Papa Joe - 1927 Buddy Christian Clarence Williams
Sly Mongoose - 1939 Lionel Belasco Clarence Williams
So Long Huey So Long - 1935 Clarence Williams
Song of the Extra Gang - 1936 Clarence Williams
Springtime on Parade - 1933 Fred Fiebel Geo Dunbar Clarence Williams
Squabblin' Blues - 1924 Sara Martin Clarence Williams
Stuff Is Here and It's Mellow - 1935 William H Smith Walter Bishop Clarence Williams
Sud Bustin’ Blues - 1924 Steve Lewis Peter Bocade Clarence Williams
Sugar Blues - 1923 Clarence Williams Lucy Fletcher
Swing Brother Swing - 1936 Lewis Raymond Walter Bishop Clarence Williams
Swingin' Hound - 1937 "Fats" Waller Clarence & Spencer Williams Ed Rector
That Free and Easy Papa O' Mine - 1923 Sam Walker Clarence Williams
That Ought to Get It - 1906 Clarence Williams
That’s My Cutie - 1940 Herbert Rucker Clarence Williams
That Streamline Gal of Mine - 1937 Willie Smith Walter Bishop Clarence Williams
This is judgment Day - 1934 Tim Brymn Clarence Williams
Toothache Blues - 1937 Oscar Jefferson Clarence Williams
Ugly Chile - 1917 Clarence Williams
Uncle Sam Blues – 1923 Sarah Martin Clarence Williams
Unknown Blues– 1923 Freddie Johnson Clarence Williams
Watermelon Party – 1936 Clarence Williams
Way Down Home – 1933 Edgar Dowell Clarence Williams
What Makes Me Love You So – 1937 Clarence Williams
What’s the Matter Now – 1926 Clarence Williams
What you Want Me to Do? - 1928 Clarence Williams Joe "King" Oliver
When You Leave Me Alone to Pine - 1938 Louis Armstrong Lillian Hardin Clarence Williams
Where Have You Gone - 1936 Ruth Sonda Clarence Williams
Where were you Last Night? - 1938 Louis Armstrong Lil Hardin Clarence Williams
Who Made You Cry, Sugar Babe? - 1919 Clarence Williams Spencer Williams
Woman Sweeter that Man - 1919 Lionel Belasco Clarence Williams
Wonderful Girl - 1922 Clarence Williams
Won't You Come Over and Say "Hello" - 1934 Clarence Williams Ben Barnett
See If I'll Care - 1930 Clarence Williams Alex Hill
Yodeling Blues - 1923 Clarence Williams
You Can Have It I Don't Want It - 1924 May Hill Clarence Williams Armand J Piron
You Don’t Know - 1923 Clarence Williams
You Missed a Good Woman when You Picked All Over Me - 1915 Clarence Williams
You’re Bound to Look Like a Monkey - 1935 Alex Hill Clarence Williams
Your Time Now 'Twill Be Mine After a While - 1923 Clarence Williams
You're Some Pretty Doll - 1917 Clarence Williams

More songs from Spencer Williams -

At the Alabama Cotton Ball - 1915 Spencer Williams
Baby Please Don't Shake Me While I'm Gone - 1912 Spencer Williams Rose Cohen
Banjo Blues - 1924 Spencer Williams
Barbary Coast Blues - 1937 Spencer Williams
Basin Street Blues - 1928 Spencer Williams
Black Cat Luck - 1922 Spencer Williams
Black Man, Be on Your Way - 1923 Spencer Williams
Bloody Razor Blues - 1924 Spencer Williams "Fats" Waller
Blowin' of the Breeze - 1932 "Fats" Waller Spencer Williams
Blue Flame - 1921 Anton Lada Spencer Williams
Blue Little You - 1923 Jack Palmer Spencer Williams
Blue Spirit Blues - 1929 Spencer Williams
Box Car Blues (Hobo Mama's Sorrow Song) - 1924 Spencer Williams
Brother Ben - 1926 "Fats" Waller Spencer Williams
Ain't Got No Worry - 1930 Spencer Williams
An Awful Lot My Gal Ain't Got - 1924 "Fats" Waller Spencer Williams
Cairo Land - 1919 Maceo Pinkard Spencer Williams
Cemetery Blues - 1923 Sid Laney Spencer Williams
Cheatin' Blues - 1925 Spencer Williams
Cottage in the Rain - 1938 Thomas "Fats" Waller Spencer Williams
Cotton Belt Blues (Mama's Sorrow Song) - 1923 Spencer Williams
Daddy I Ain't Mad at You - 1918 Spencer Williams
Dere's Jazz in Dem Dere Horns - 1936 Pat Castleton Spencer Williams
Don't Mind Cryin' Blues - 1919 Clarence Johnson Spencer Williams
Driftin' Tide - 1934 Pat Castleton Spencer Williams
Farewell To Storyville (Good Time Flat Blues) - 1925 Spencer Williams
Fireworks - 1928 Spencer Williams
Flapper Fan - 1922 Spencer Williams Bob Schafer
Flat Tire Papa - 1924 "Fats" Waller Spencer Williams
Furniture Man Blues - 1928 Joe Davis Spencer Williams
Georgia Gigolo - 1929 Spencer Williams Howard Johnson
Georgia Lullaby - 1940 Joe Davis Spencer Williams
Give Me Just a Little Bit of Your Love 1925 Jack Palmer Spencer Williams
Good Time Flat Blues (Farewell To Storyville) - 1924 Spencer Williams
Got to Cool My Doggies (Puppies) Now - 1922 Bob Schafer Babe Thompson Spencer Williams
Got to Have it all the Time - 1928 Spencer Williams
Have you ever Felt that Way? - 1928 Spencer Williams Agnes Castleton
He's My Lovin' Jelly Roll - 1917 Spencer Williams Roger Graham
He's My Man - 1921 Spencer Williams Anton Lada
Hills of Tennessee - 1932 Joe Davis Spencer Williams
Hoodoo Blues – 1935 Spencer Williams
Hot Eskimo - 1925 Fay Meisel Bob Schafer Spencer Williams
How Can I Get It (When You Keep Snatching It Back) - 1924 Spencer Williams
I Ain't Got Nobody - 1915 Spencer Williams Roger Graham
If I Had My Way 'Bout My Sweetie - 1925 Jack Palmer Spencer Williams
I'm Gonna Take My Bimbo Back - 1927 Spencer Williams Jack Palmer
I'm Praying Tonight for the Old Folks at Home - 1940 Spencer Williams
I'm Savin' it All for You - 1926 Spencer Williams Joe Davis
I'm Sending a Letter to Santa Claus - 1939 Lanny Rogers Spencer Williams
I'm Wild About that Thing - 1929 Spencer Williams
It Ain't No Fault of Mine - 1929 Joe Davis Spencer Williams
It Feels So Good - 1929 Spencer Williams
It's the Bluest Kind of Blues - 1946 Django Reinhardt Spencer Williams
It Took a Wild Wild Woman - 1921 Spencer Williams Anton Lada Charles F Harrison
Japo Blues - 1921 Spencer Williams M Pryor
Jazz Comes Home from War - 1945 Desmond O'Conner Spencer Williams Jack Simpson
Jungle Blues (Fox-Trot Blues) - 1921 Anton Lada Spencer Williams
Just a Crazy Song - 1931 Chick Smith Spencer Williams
Keep Yourself Together Sweet Papa - 1923 Spencer Williams
Keeps on A-Rainin' - 1923 Spencer Williams Max Kortlander
Loose Feet - 1923 Spencer Williams
Lou'siana Lowdown Blues - 1924 Spencer Williams
Low Down Papa (Sweet Mama's Blues) - 1923 Spencer Williams
Mahogany Hall Stomp - 1928 Spencer Williams
Manila Bay - 1921 Spencer Williams Anton Lada Charles F Harrison
Mississippi Blues - 1921 Lucille Hegamin Spencer Williams
Moan You Moaners - 1931 Spencer Williams
Mountain Top Blues (Blue Mama's Suicide Wail) - 1924 Spencer Williams
My Man O'war - 1930 Andy Razaf Spencer Williams
Neglected Blues - 1921 Anton Lada Spencer Williams
Paradise Blues - 1917 Spencer Williams Walter Hirsch
Pensacola Blues - 1921 Spencer Williams
Pipe Dream Blues - 1918 Spencer Williams J Russel Robinson Marguerite Kendall
Ringtail Blues - 1918 J Russel Robinson Spencer Williams
Rock Pile Blues - 1925 Spencer Williams
Sandman Blues (Log Cabin Lullaby) - 1921 Ray Miller Spencer Williams
Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble - 1917 Spencer Williams
Shipwrecked Blues - 1925 Spencer Williams
Slow Poke Blues - 1928 Spencer Williams
Snag 'em Blues - 1921 Spencer Williams
Snakes Hips (A Jungle Jazz) - 1923 Spencer Williams
Soft Shoe Shuffle - 1942 Spencer Williams Maurice Burman
Steppin' on the Puppy's Tail - 1917 Spencer Williams
Strut Yo' Puddy Red Hot Razmataz - 1924 Spencer Williams
Struttin' at the Strutter's Ball - 1922 Spencer Williams
Struttin' Yo' Stuff - 1920 Ted Koehler Spencer Williams
Susiana - 1929 Spencer Williams
Sweet Mignon - 1928 Eugene Platzman Larry Spier Spencer Williams
Thunderstorm Blues - 1925 Spencer Williams Arthur Ray
Tishomingo Blues - 1918 Spencer Williams
Twelfth Street Rag - 1914 Euday L Bowman Spencer Williams
Wednesday Night Waltz - 1928 Spencer Williams
Western Union Blues - 1924 Spencer Williams
Why am I Alone with No One to Love? - 1929 Andy Razaf "Fats" Waller Spencer Williams
Why Don't You Try to Get Along with Me - 1919 Charles T Straight Spencer Williams
Wild Weepin' Blues - 1921 Maceo Pinkard Spencer Williams
Wonder - 1930 Spencer Williams Cliff Burwell Andy Razaf
You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It - 1939 "Fats" Waller Spencer Williams
You Can't Take My Mem'ries from Me - 1928 Joe Davis Spencer Williams
You're Always Messin' 'Round with My Man - 1923 Spencer Williams
You're in Wrong with the Right Baby - 1925 Maceo Pinkard Spencer Williams Edna Alexander
You're My Ideal - 1932 "Fats" Waller Spencer Williams
You've Got to Give Me Some - 1929 Spencer Williams

Clarence Williams - Spencer Williams  'pdf' file - New Orleans -
1915 - You Missed a Good Woman - 5
1916 - That Ought To Get It - 6
1916 - I Can Beat You Doing what You‟re Doing Me - 7
1916 - Brown Skin - 8
1917 - Wild Flower Rag - 9
1918 - No More Cabarets in Town - 11
1919 - You're Some Pretty Doll - 12
1919 - Dance They Called the Georgia Hunch - 13
1919 - Royal Garden Blues - 14
1919 - Yama Yama Blues - 16
1919 - Who Make You Cry - 18
1919 - If You don't I Love You - 19
New York
1922 - I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate - 20
1922 - State Street Blues - 21
1923 - Nobody in Town Can Bake a Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine - 24
1923 - Kiss Me Again - 24
1923 - Sugar Blues - 26
1924 - You Can Have It, I Don't Want It - 28
1924 - Jail House Blues - 28
1924 - You Don't Know My Mind Blues - 29
1925 - Papa-De-Da-Da - 31
1925 - You're in Wrong With the right Baby - 32
1926 - What‟s the Matter Now - 33
1926 - Charleston Hound - 35
1926 - Old Folks Shuffle - 35
1926 - Nobody But My Baby is Getting My Love - 37
1927 - Cushion Foot Stomp - 37
1928 - You‟re the Only One That I love - 38
1933 - Harlem Rhythm Dance - 39
1936 - More Than That - 40
1942 - Mama‟s Got It - 41
1945 - Baby Won‟t You Please Come Home - 42 - (Written in 1919, arrangement-1945)
During the height of Blues publishing Clarence Williams wrote a
number of blues. Charts on these Blues can be seen in the book 'History of the Blues' at <> site. Below is a partial list:
Lazy Blues - 1920
Red Headed Mama Blues - 1921
If You Don't Believe I Love you - 1921
Decatur Street Blues - 1922
Lady Luck Blues - 1922
Kansas City Man Blues - 1922
Michigan Water Blues - 1923
Barefoot Blues - 1923
Yodeling Blues - 1923
Unknown Blues - 1923
Sally Long Blues - 1923
Baton Rouge Blues - 1924
Gravier Street Blues - 1924
Terrible Blues - 1924
Texas Blues - 1924
T. J. Blues - 1924
Roamin' Blues - 1924
Barabdos Blues - 1924
Morocco Blues - 1926
Squabblin' Blues - 1926
You Don't Know My Mind - 1926
Jasper Taylor Blues - 1927
Close Fit Blues - 1928
Organ Grinder's Blues - 1928
Red River Blues - 1928
Gulf Coast Blues - 1930

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