Curmudgeons, Evolutionary Economics, Dixieland Jazz & Beer Drinking


Curmudgeonjohn p birchall ... student, saxophonist ... general whippersnapper &  twerp ... ... and beer drinker ...

I know I'm a curmudgeon - an ill tempered fellow, full of resentment and stubborn notions - but I've worked hard for my notions ... do the sums? ... and it may not look like it but I am having fun! 

If only I'd had some of this stuff available when I first started!

But as the man said, 'if you think education is expensive, try ignorance' ... and in any case, 'I only mess with all this evolutionary stuff because I can ...'

Perhaps the Chancellor of the Exchequer would call me a 'squeaking pip'? ... but the rest is history ... and here are some snippets I've heard along the way ...

Reality - the way the cookie crumbles -

"Bishops, Princes, Generals & bureaucrats have no privileged access to know how" - "copy, vary, select" - "differential survival of inherited variants" - "education & compound interest" - "complexity, change, conflict, scarcity - "chase profits and cut losses" - "profit is not a cost" - "bankruptcy is creative destruction" - "go with the flow" - "fail your way to success" - "parley and get on with the job" - "it is geese that lay golden eggs not turkeys" - "why stimulate turkeys?" - "the croc of gold isn't at the end of the rainbow, it's underneath the soap pans in Apapa" - "hard work, honesty & thrift" - "tort, trade & technology"

"short necked giraffes died out" - "stretch that neck!" - "if you don't the Chinese will" - "facts don't cease to exist just because you ignore them"

"brilliant intellect produces brilliant ideas but nobody knows which ideas are brilliant" - "we are ignorant of what it is we don't know" - "last time I checked it was a tad more complicated than that" - "listen; think about it" - "tax & spend" - "the elephant in the room" - "lethal debt" - "double whammies" - "the girls decide" - "he would say that, wouldn't he" - "the future is unknowable and the past is a strange land, they do things differently there" - "life's a sod, then you die" - "the harder I practice the luckier I get"

Distractions - mind your own business -

 - "vote with your feet & join a club of your choice" - "furrowed brows don't help" - "join a different club" - "open for business" - "get your shovel out of our store" - "take your choice" - "confront bad behaviour" - "power corrupts and imposition impoverishes, alienates & antagonises" - "wake up & smell the coffee" - "look into the telescope" - "hello" - "think the unthinkable" - "play the ball not the man, he's not here to defend himself" - "play the hand you're dealt" - "when you're in a hole, stop digging" - "analysis paralysis" - "more is less" - "myth, magic & mirrors" - "folly & fallacy" - "prancers & soothsayers at a rain dance" - "I'm from the council, I'm here to help" - "don't vote it will only encourage them" - "don't trust politicos with the keys to the NHS, change the locks"

CurmudgeonEconomics - cooperative synergies - 2+2=5 -

"a messy thriving interconnected whole shebang & caboodle" - "a mysterious garden of forking paths"

- opportunity costs - "guns or butter"

- moral hazard - "if its free put me down for two please" - "state sponsored moral decay"

- adverse selection - "would you buy a second hand car from this man"

- supply & demand - "gluts & queues"

- due diligence & caveat emptor - "there's no free lunch"  -  "what's your trade?"

- Liberal Democracy - "free to choose, without harm to others, caveat 30" - "vote with your feet & join a club of your choice" - "there are two sides to every deal" - "winners don't take all" - "keep it simple, stupid"

- "when the left's not right, the right has nothing left" - "it's a bubble!" - "pump priming re-inflates the bubble" - "who pays?"- "what tickles your fancy" - "it's in the post" - "who decides when the Doctors disagree" - "who guards the guardians" - "go to the Co-op" - "English empirical science not Descartes before de horse" 

Jazz - make the sky open up - G7 to C -

"no one said it was easy" - "practice, practice, practice" - "practice makes perfect mistakes"

"if it don't sound right, it ain't right" - "they all go the same old way" - "I told him what to do but he said he wanted to discuss it" ...

And I love wikipedia !

In 2000 after my struggles & studies at the Open University I found some words which helped to define my inclination for 'Evolutionary Economics' -

'Evolutionary Economics analyses the unleashing of a process of technological & institutional innovation by generating & testing a diversity of ideas which discover & accumulate more survival value for the costs incurred than competing alternatives.
The evidence suggests that it could be adaptive efficiency that defines economic efficiency'.

Complex Adaptive Systems = Thermodynamics - Emergence Non-Linear Feedback - Computer Simulation - Molecular Biology - Neuroscience - Evolutionary Psychology - Economic Anthropology - Game Theory - Biological History.

And I love Beer Drinking - an autobiography of beer drinking


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