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Evolutionary Economics - introduces Evolutionary Economics & Adaptive Efficiency, Economic Growth & Enabling Environments, Wealth Creation & Cooperative Synergies and Technological Innovation & Survival Know How.

neo-classical theory - the Nobel Prize winners since 1969

evolutionary economic theory - one theory of consilience & Complex Adaptive Systems =

Thermodynamics (complexity, change, conflict & scarcity)

Emergent Feedback (hierarchies of evolutionary stable structures)

Non-Linear Maths (computer simulation)

Molecular Biology (neo-Darwinian synthesis copy/vary/natural selection)

Neuroscience (hierarchies of naturally selected neural networks & circuits as survival aids)

Evolutionary Psychology (self-conscious choices as flip flopping emotions of excitement & fear discover 'know how' and memory & reason accumulate 'know how')

Economic Anthropology ('know how' accumulates across generations in institutions & cultures) 

Game Theory (cooperative synergies) 

Biological History (evidence of gene/culture coevolution & social animal synergies) 

1. Science - why Western Europe? why 1500 AD?

Scientific & Industrial Revolution - Torts, Trade & Technology (essay notes)

Synergies of Specialisation & Trade - Adam the Smith - 'Theory of Moral Sentiments' (trust & cooperation) and 'Wealth of Nations' (division of labour and 'pin factories')   

2. Democracy - why the rapid spread in the late 20th century? 

Spread of Democracy - Universal Declaration of Human Rights (essay notes)

Economies of Scale - Vote with your Feet and join Clubs of your Choice - Global Markets (pregnant with moral & economic significance)   

3. Markets - why is wealth creation so difficult to plan?

Failure of Planning - The Fatal Conceit (essay notes)

Lawful Free & Fair Trade - Comparative Advantage - Parasites & Predators (immunity 'resentment of cheats') - Supply & Demand (clears gluts & queues 'fairness of shares') 

4. Innovation - why is wealth all about survival 'know how' and not other factors of production?

Economic Policy Consensus - Privatisation (essay notes) 

Discovery & Accumulation - Total Factor Productivity - Hard Work, Honesty & Thrift (genes do cost/benefit analysis by natural selection as 'know how' grows at 3% pa compound through simple rules of thumb 'tit for tat' and 'satisficing')  

Evolutionary Economic Principles -

Science & Ignorance (observation, theory, hypotheses, experiments, peer review)

Natural Selection (copy/vary/select)

Survival Behaviour (complexity/change/conflict & scarcity) 

Cooperative Synergies (synergies of specialisation & scale)

Freedom & Democracy (parasites & predators, torts, trade, technology)

Markets & Tools (diversity & choice)

Planning & Problems (unintended consequences)

Innovation & Survival (flip flopping emotions discover 'know how' and memory & reason accumulate 'know how')

Joint Stock Companies - a case for business (PowerPoint presentation)

Some Fun with Evolutionary Economics - lighten up! the dismal science can be fun!

Apapa Generators - 'ghosts from the past' ... education under the soap pans in Apapa?

Mitochondrial Eve - 'only time helped, the truth was in the future' ... how on earth do you choose a wife? ... or did she do the choosing?

Ricardo's Friends - 'folk mulled over the possibilities, investigated their ideas & learned a trade' ... trade & technology paved the way?

Tommy Jeffers - 'folk quarreled somewhat and it all got bloody messy' ... inventing freedom & democracy?

Dickie Dawkins - 'nice guys finish first but folk got all mixed up, conned and confused' ... a Pandora's Box of cooperation & trust?

Joe Sixpack - 'genetic costs & benefits' ... deep cultural history?

Emergent Puzzles - 'the penny has to drop' ... do you believe in evolution?

Intelligent Design - 'all messy, difficult & complicated' ... plausible deliberate rational purposeful intentional plans aren't what they seem to be?

Gardens of Forking Paths - 'perhaps time itself evolved' ... labyrinths & evolutionary metaphors?

Kelsall Pulpit - 'moral sentiments are not illusions' ... a few notes about science & religion?

War in Iraq - 'cultural tit for tat' ... freedom fighters or terrorists?

Jimmy Watt - 'happenings just happen' ... the 2nd law of thermodynamics?

Creative Destruction - 'differential survival' of 'parasites & predators' ... and coin clippers?

Historical Evidence - 'unfathomable notions' ... is the evidence in biological history?

Just So Stories - 'evolutionary explanations for everything' ... ignorance and beliefs, but do you believe in the fun of Rudyard Kipling or the fun of Charles Darwin?

Evolutionary Economic Quotations - Science & Ignorance - Natural Selection - Survival Behaviour - Cooperative Synergies - Freedom & Democracy - Markets & Tools - Planning & Problems - Innovation & Survival.

Criticisms ... natural selection is a very simple idea but the penny has to drop ... perhaps critics are tilting at windmills and building four straw men -

Economics is not a science?

Behaviour is not biology?

Selfish determinism is not morality?

Human Intention is not irrelevant?

Bibliography - here are a few sources from the great & the good

Geoffrey Hodgson - 'Darwinism in Economics - from Analogy to Ontology'

Evolutionary Economics Links - more

Economics at The Open University = Complex Adaptive Systems