Dixieland Jazz Song Pioneers

chinatown'Band-in-a-Box' Song Lead Sheets ...

Recent additions to the collection include -

notes stave the Original Dixieland Jass Band produced the first Jazz recordings in 1917 and their legacy of Dixieland Standards is here

notes stave all of King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band recordings are here

notes stave a good selection of Bessie Smith's blues here

notes stave Lil Hardin was an important writer of early Dixieland Standards, have a look here

notes stave all of Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers classics are here

notes stave Johnny Dodds' recordings here

notes stave lots of Sidney Bechet here

notes stave early Ellington and more here

notes stave and some of Johnny Hodges here

notes stave the prolific Clarence & Spencer Williams here

notes stave acknowledging the importance of Bunk Johnson to the revival of New Orleans jazz in the 1940s his recordings are here

notes stave 'Irving Berlin has no place in American music, Irving Berlin is American music' ... his songs are here

notes stave and to remind me of my own introduction to New Orleans music in the 1950s most of Humphrey Lyttelton's Parlophones are here

'Humph' RIP April 25th 2008 - thanks for everything - bad penny blues