The Movies

By 1929 the Tin Pan Alley industry was ailing, was free music on the Radio contributing to the demise? Or was it the movies?

The Hollywood studios were buying up the publishing houses. Warner Bros purchased Witmark, Harms and Remick. MGM bought out Leo Feist and Robbins Music. Paramount had the Spear and Coslow catalogue.

Into the 1940s and the musicians were under attack as their artistry income was eroded as technology moved - printing, recording, sound movies, radio, nickelodeons, juke boxes ... prohibition & the depression ... ASCAP tried to help ... AFM and BMI ....

ASCAP banned recordings and demanded royalties. ASCAP won as gigs declined and record sales rose ...


New publications were mainly songs from the films not freelance pop.

Into the 1940s with Bing and the Andrew Sisters. But Bing was really a movie star?

Hollywood always seemed to have a penchant for cowboy songs.




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