Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra



Into the 1940s with Bing and the Andrew Sisters. But Bing was really a movie star?

After the war the big bands didn't come back. Sure the schmaltz of the sweet big bands continued for dancing but not for  swing ... and for the vocalists.

In August 1942 Frank Sinatra went solo at the Paramount Theatre. The bobbysoxers swooned.

Buddy Bolden at Funky Butt Hall, ODJB at Reisenweber's, King Oliver at the Lincoln Gardens, Whiteman at Aeolian, Goodman at the Palomar and Sinatra at the Paramount were all significant events!

Jo Stafford followed in 1944

Bing Crosby (1903-77) out of Paul Whiteman and The Rhythm Boys

Crosby sang with a rich utterly relaxed rhythmic baritone voice, immensely appealing.

Bing was a record, radio & movie star who sang the American Ballads.

Many followed but Perry Como was just another Crosby ...

Frank Sinatra (1915-98) out of Tommy Dorsey.

Sinatra was a Tin Pan Alley songster and made his legacy the American Songbook.

Ol' Blue Eyes was the master of phrasing and timing superb dynamics gave his performance individual brilliance.

But by 1950 he was washed up by Ava Gardener and driven to the brink only to re-emerge in 1955 on Capitol Records ... the come back kid. Sinatra recorded albums ... audio wallpaper?

Meanwhile the kids who were at it bought R&B 78s and danced.

By the time the Rock 'n' Roll 78 rpms emerged Sinatra was available on LP and the dynamics changed.


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