The Steeles

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The Steele Family.

The Steele family were big in Sandbach, Lords of the Manor at Giddy Hall ... and 1685 was an early reference to the Steeles in Wybunbury ... it was possible that 'yeoman' John Birchall married into the Steele family ... but it looked like the Steeles were everywhere  ...

**Tentatively John Birchall (1779-1850), age 24, married Hannah Steele (17??-1834) at Sandbach in May 1804, Samuel Birchall & Thomas Dean were witnesses ... but James was born in 1802??

Burslem, Staffs, Hannah Steel, 1780

Longton, Staffs Hannah Steel, 1785

Rostherne Hannah Steel, age 20 when she married John, aged 24, was baptised on August 15th 1784, at Tabley, daughter of William Steel & Mary Walker who married in Rostherne in 1783. William & Mary had the following children - Hannah (1784-), Nancy (1786-), Thomas (1787-), John (1788-), William (1790-) & Mary (1793-). William married Syliva Frost in Rostherne in 1816, witnesses were Nancy Houltrin, John Steel, Hannah Holford & Richard Coddington. John Steel (1796-) married Hannah Holford in Knutsford in 1817. Richard Coddington married Hannah Steel in Neston in 1813? Looks like the Rostherne Hannah married a Coddington not a Birchall ... wrong Steels?

Knutsford Hannah Steel, age 29 when she married John, aged 24, was baptised in Knutsford in 1775, daughter of Peter, shoemaker, & Mary Brierley who were married in Knutsford in 1774. Witnesses were Joseph Steele & James Brierley.

Peter Steel (1747-) was baptised in Lymm in 1747, son of Joseph.

Mary Brierley (1762-) was baptised in Grappenhall in 1762, son of Thomas. James Brierley (1767-) was Mary's young brother who was baptised in Grappenhall in 1767, son of Thomas.

Peter & Mary had three girls - Hannah (1775-), Nancy (1777-), Betty (1781-). Nancy married John Whittaker in Wilmslow in 1812?

Nantwich Hannah Steele, age 32 when she married John, aged 24, was baptised in Nantwich in 1772, daughter of Richard, butcher, & Martha Cratchley married in Nantwich in 1757. Witnesses were Thomas Chidley & Anthony Gilbert. Richard & Martha had five children Richard (1762-), Mary (1766-), Ann (1770-), Hannah (1772-) & Joseph (1775-).

Peover Hannah Steel(e), age 34 when she married John, aged 24, was baptised in Peover in 1770, daughter of William & Mary Grove were married in Lower Peover in 1764. Witnesses Hugh Olsnam & John Hobson.

Church Hulme Hannah Steel(e), age 34 when she married John, aged 24, was baptised in Church Hulme in 1770, daughter of Joseph & Hannah. Hannah Harrop in Astbury in 1768. Hannah Buckley in Sandbach in 1764. Hannah Richardson in Sandbach in 1766. Children - Charlotte 1781 Church Hulme. Hannah 1770 Church Hulme. Ellen 1767 Church Hulme. Also some in Staffordshire?

Cousin Sarah Ann Steel (1866-), 5 year old 'cousin' of John Seaman (1806-81) & Jane Birchall (1812-94) in Sandbach in 1871, candidates -

Cheshire Birth indexes for the years: 1863 - Steele, Sarah Ann, Church Hulme, Cheshire Central - CH/5/7. Steele, Sarah Ann, Crewe, Cheshire Central - CR/24/047. Steele, Sarah Ann, Crewe, Cheshire Central - CR/25/016. Steele, Sarah, Crewe, Cheshire Central - CR/24/080.
Cheshire Birth indexes for the years: 1864 - Steele, Sarah Ann, West Macclesfield, Cheshire East - WMC/29/72.
Cheshire Birth indexes for the years: 1865 - Steele, Sarah Ann, Crewe, Cheshire Central - CR/28/008.
Cheshire Birth indexes for the years: 1866 - Steel, Sarah, Heaton Norris, Stockport - Massey - HEA/35/20.
Cheshire Birth indexes for the years: 1867 - Steel, Sarah Ann, West Macclesfield, Cheshire East - WMC/32/67.

((Sarah Ann Steel (1866-) was baptised at ?? in 18??, daughter of Joseph Steele (1841-88) & Charlotte Martin Butterworth (1847-), who were married in Prestbury, Macclesfield in 1864. Charlotte was the daughter of William Butterworth (1820-) & Sarah Martin Meadowcroft (1836-) who married in Gawsworth in 1840. Joseph was baptised in ?? in 18/, son of John (1821-) & Ann (1816-), who were married in ? in 18?. In 1841 John, a card grinder, & Ann were at Waterside, Stockport, Disley with Joseph (1839-) & Cecelia (1840-). In 1851 ??. Joseph died in 1888 - Cheshire Death indexes for the years: 1888 - Steele Joseph - West Macclesfield, Cheshire East - WMC/48/48.))

((Sarah Ann was baptised at Macclesfield in 1867, daughter of Thomas Whittaker Steele (1833-) & Anne Smith (1828-), who were married in Sutton, Macclesfield in 1859. Thomas was baptised in Macclesfield in 1833, son of James & Hannah Whitaker, who were married in Prestbury in 1825. In 1841 James (1806-), Cabinet Maker, & Hannah (1804-) were at Elizabeth Street, Prestbury, with Thomas, aged 7, and siblings James (1828-), Silk Piecer, Ruth (1830-), also a Silk Piecer, Elizabeth (1832-) & Aron (1836-). John Joel (1791-), a Silk Twister, who was a witness at John & Hannah's wedding, was living next door. In 1851 the family were at Union Street, Macclesfield now with young Sarah (1842-). In 1861 Thomas, a Joiner, & Ann, a Dressmaker, were now married and living at 188 Newton Street, Macclesfield with a young son, John James (1861-). In 1871 the family were at Park Lane, Macclesfield, with youngsters John James 1861(-), George (1862-) & 3 year old Sarah Ann (1868-) ... this was not 'cousin' Sarah Ann who in the same census was with Seamans in Sandbach.))

((Sarah Ann was baptised at Church Hulme in 1863, daughter of Peter Steele (1841-) & widower Martha Dutton (1837-), who were married at Sandbach in 1863. Martha earlier married Peter Dutton in 1861? Peter Steele was baptised in Church Hulme in 1841, son of Henry (1811-) & Ann Brereton (1821-) married in Middlewich in 1839. Henry, son of Elizabeth Steel, was baptised in Over Peover in 1811. Ann was baptised, daughter of John & Mary, in Church Hulme, in 1823. John & Mary Lumb were married in Sandbach in 1816. In 1841 Henry & Ann were at Sandbach Cotton, Church Hulme, Sandbach, with Peter (1841-) just born. In 1851 Henry was a widower living with his father in law John Brereton at Knutsford Road, Cranage, with Peter, Mary (1843-) & Martha (1846-). In 1861 Peter was unmarried working as a Farm Labourer with William Cheatham, farming 130 acres at Sandlow Green, Brereton Cum Smethwick. In 1871 Peter had married Martha and they were at Hermitage Road, Cranage with young Sarah Ann, aged 6, and step brother John Dutton (1858-) ... this was not 'cousin' Sarah Ann who in the same census was with Seamans in Sandbach.))


George Steele (1745-1811), was baptised in Sandbach, son of John, married Martha Wagg (1751-1778) in 1774. Martha was baptised at Sandbach in 1751, daughter of Jonathan and died in 1778. Their children were, sons John (1776-) & Thomas (1777-) and daughter Fanny (1774-). Fanny married Joseph Bowcock in Sandbach in 1805. Witnesses were Samuel Bowcock & Thomas Steele. Fanny was baptised at Sandbach in 1774.  And at 43, a widower, George, married Dolly Harrison in 1789. George, a Shopkeeper, died in 1811 and left a will, witnesses were John Wagg, Rich & Mary Darlington. John Wagg was Martha's elder brother baptised, son of Jonathan, in Sandbach in 1745. ((A Thomas Steel, widower of Weaverham, married Mary Darlington, of Witton, at Witton in 1794??))

In the 1841 census John Steele (1776-) was a grocer, living on the High Street next door to George Steele (1787-1860) a 50 year old Shoemaker with his wife Mary.

Thomas Steele (1743-), a Tailor, married Mary Deane (1743-), a widow, in Sandbach in 1773. Mary Dean had sons Samuel (-) & John (-) and grandson John (-), son of Samuel, and granddaughter Mary (-), daughter of John, from her previous marriage to ?? Deane.

George Steele (1787-1860), son of Joseph, named after his father's father, was baptised at Betchton, Sandbach and at 27, married 17 year old Mary Darlington (1798-1849) in 1815. Witnesses at the wedding were Ann Steele & . Ann Steele was George's mum. Mary, daughter of shoemaker George Darlington, was baptised in Sandbach in 1796. Thomas Hardern (-) also witnessed the marriage of James Colclough and Sarah Hardern in 1814 a year previously. Thomas, a farmer, married Ann Massey in Sandbach in 1820.

George's dad Joseph Steele (1763-), son of George, was baptised in Sandbach in 1763, he married Ann Dean in Over-Peover in 1787. Witnesses were Thomas Steele & Thomas Bentley.

Thomas Steele (1783-), son of Joseph, was baptised in Sandbach in 1783. Thomas was George's elder brother. Thomas married Mary Shaw in Sandbach in 1808?

George's mum, Ann Dean (1758-), daughter of James Dean, miller, was baptised in Over-Peover in 1758. James Dean married Hannah Albiston in Peover in 1748. James & Hannah had six children; Mary (1748-), Sarah (1749-), Hannah (1753-), John (1754-), Ann (1758-) & James (1763-).

George & Mary Steele's children born in Sandbach were - Amy (1813-), Martha (1815-), Ann (1816-), Elizabeth (1816-), Charles (1818-), Mary (1819-),

In 1841 the census reveals George Steele was a 50 year old Shoemaker on the High Street with Mary, age 40. Next door was grocer John Steele (1776-) age 65, with his Assistant.

In 1851 George age 58, born in Betchton, was on the High Street with daughter Ann (1813-) age 38, from Sandbach. Mary died aged 53 in 1849.

Looks like 73 year old George died at Sandbach in 1860.

In the 1861 census Ann Steele (1816-91), widow, was living with George Furnivall (1777-1861), retired Plumber & Glazier, at Crown Bank, Sandbach. In 1871 Ann (1816-) was living alone in Hawk Street. George Furnivall (1777-1861) died in Sandbach in 1861, aged 81. In 1881 Ann, aged 66, was still in Hawk Street, next door, or living with Charles Furnivall, Painter & Glazier, aged 69, and his wife Mary, aged 68. Ann died in Byley-cum-Lees, Holmes Chapel, aged 72, in 1891?


((Henry married Mary Ann Griffiths (1838-) from Leeds in Leigh in 1861. Marriage: 4 Aug 1861 St Thomas, Golborne, Lancashire, England. Henry Birchall - 22 Collier Bachelor of Golborne - Mary Ann Griffiths - (X), 22 Spinster of Golborne. Groom's Father: Geoffry Birchall, Blacksmith. Bride's Father: John Griffiths, Glass Maker. Witness: Henry Barrow, (X); Isaac Taylor. Married by Banns by: C T Quirk Rector. Register: Marriages 1849 - 1880, Page 84, Entry 167. Source: From Leigh Archives. ))

((IGI - George Steele - England, Cheshire Parish Registers, 1538-2000 christening: 29 Oct 1779 Sandbach parents: George Steele.))

((IGI - Hannah Steele - England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 - christening: 08 Apr 1781 residence: Staveley, Derbyshire, England, parents: Peter Steele, Anne.))

((IGI - Hannah Steele - England and Wales, Non-Conformist Record Indexes -
christening: 15 Jul 1780 Kendal, Westmorland, parents: Isaac Steele.))

((IGI - Hannah Steel - England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 - christening: 23 Apr 1780 SAINT JOHN, BURSLEM, STAFFORD - parents: Daniel Steel, Jemima.))

((Or George Steele who married Mary Tomlinson in Wybunbury in 1802 again?))(Or did George marry Mary Tomlinson from Keele by licence in Wybunbury in 1802?)

((there was a wheelwright George Steele who married another Mary in 1816?))

((or was Hannah baptised in 1772 in Nantwich Cheshire, daughter of Richard & Martha?))

((There was also a James b1805 baptised at Astbury, son of Thomas & Jane. ))

((There was also an Elizabeth married John Gibson at Astbury in 1835. Witnessed by William Birchall)).

(Thomas & Rebekah's John aged 4 was baptised on the same day as James b1802?)

( Or Thomas married Ann Owen (-) in 1824 in Wybunbury? No Thomas was only 12?  Or married Mary Steele (-) in Prestbury in 1827. No this Thomas was a shoemaker).

((Hannah Birchall (1818-) married William Lightfoot, a tailor from Nantwich, in 1839. Hannah was a cotton spinner from Bean Street, Nantwich and father John a labourer. Both were 21 years of age.))

(A Thomas Birchinall was buried at St Peter's Congleton, in 1811?)




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